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Has anyone bought Dinosoles shoes or suggestions for cheap online shops of kids shoes

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vanillamum Sun 28-Aug-11 13:26:30

I am just doing the school shoe shop and it is so expensive, anyway can buy Dinosoles shoes for £25 which my son will love but I have only seen them online and I can't tell if they will last or not. The school is very liberal btw and flashing lights and colours is fine so have you any suggestions of good places to buy shoes. Has to be an online shop suitable for girls 9.5F, girl 13.5 g boy 10g. Thanks

CoffeeRevel Sun 28-Aug-11 20:12:49

I bought dinosoles (my DS2 fell in love) but they fell apart really quickly. The colour wore off on the printing really fast, then the sole started coming off, and there was a hole through the other sole too! I was really disappointed.

To be fair, he wore them a lot, including to school, which as you know is fatal....


vanillamum Sun 28-Aug-11 22:08:37

Thanks coffee,that's sort of what I thought would happen but I also know how much he would love them. I just wish they were not quite so expensive then I would not mind them falling apart.Glad your day had fun with them.

thisisyesterday Sun 28-Aug-11 22:14:45

you can get a pair of shoes from clarks for £25 surely?

thisisyesterday Sun 28-Aug-11 22:15:56

nice girls ones from start-rite (you may have to go smaller if they have been measured in clarks tho)

CoffeeRevel Sun 28-Aug-11 22:20:32

No problem, I wish I had thought to ask on here first, then I wouldn't have made the expensive mistake of buying them. DS2 was quite disappointed too. He said he was quite careful with them (for a 6yo, so take it with a pinch of salt!). He loved that he left dinosaur footprints with them and was upset when I had to ditch them.

thisisyesterday Sun 28-Aug-11 22:21:05


<plus disclaimer that i didn';t realise how expensive clarks had got lately!!!>

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