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Name tapes for school uniforms

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jennymac Fri 26-Aug-11 16:04:50

Hi - does anyone know where I can buy plain ones which I can iron on to uniforms apart from on the internet? Do they sell them in supermarkets or other high street shops?

TheOriginalFAB Sat 27-Aug-11 06:41:33

BHS sell plain ones that come with a pen to write what you want on. The tapes are fine but the pen fades so I would get a proper fabric pen as the one it comes with is more like a biro.

hayleysd Sat 27-Aug-11 06:47:49

I got some but with names on from and they came next day, they're fab and have been using them a year and none have fallen off/faded and he has the ones for lunchboxes etc on and they're all still fine too smile

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