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Ideal night light

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Frenchbubbles Wed 24-Aug-11 11:39:36

I hope you dont mind me using my Mums account but I am 15 and doing a GCSE in design and technology. We live in France so I cannot easily do any research with English speaking Mums.

For my project I am going to design a childs nightlight and I wanted to know if any of you could tell me what you like about your nightlight or what you would like but cannot find. Here are some easy quesions if you could let me know what you think.

What nightlight do you use - if you dont know the name or model maybe you can describe it.
Does it glow in the dark?
Does it have music?
Does it have a separate torch section?
Does it have a projector?
How is it powered?
How big is it (height, width and depth)?
Has your child been able to brake the night light?
Does it have any other type of unusual features that you like?

Witch features do you think are important depending on the childs age?
What would make a light less frightening?
Are there any special shapes or colours your child seems to find comforting?
I would like to use sustainable materials - would you buy a wooden night light?

Could you tell me the age and sex of your child.

Thank you very much to anyone who finds the time to help me with my project. I will post a photo of the final light at the end of the project for you to see, if you are interested.

Thanks again.

WLmum Wed 24-Aug-11 21:41:34

Hi! I have a kidisleep travel night light/clock for my 4 year old girl, had it since she was 3 - main aim was for her to know when it was morning - felt it was a bit unfair to expect her to know in the summer when it is light very early, and in the winter when it is dark til late. First of all had the non-travel version which plugged in - not massively happy about the wires, and made it a pain when sending her for sleepovers with grandparents as had to reprogramme it every time. Also, because the plug was a transformer, it made a slight buzzing noise which disturbed her. The travel version is smaller, and battery operated so no need to reprogramme and no buzzing. Dimensions should be available on their website. I love that it has 2 pictures of lambs - one in bed which is backlight for night time and one walking along for daytime - no numbers to tell the time, just night/day. It has been dropped quite alot and my 15 month old can be quite heavy handed with it and no sign of brakage yet. I like the fact that it was supplied with spare bulbs. She does sometimes have music on too, but this is a seperate stereo. Tried a night light/torch but this broke quite quickly, and although she loved playing with it, was a bit of a distraction from actually settling down to go to sleep. I would buy a wooden night light if there was no risk of fire as I also like natural materials.
Hope this helps, good luck with the project.

Frenchbubbles Mon 29-Aug-11 18:21:41

Thanks for this. I hadn't thought about the distraction element of the torch idea. Is this the general view?

I like the idea of different shapes for morning and night. Thanks

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