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Can anyone suggest a good video camera?

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OldieMum Sat 18-Oct-03 10:35:28

I want to buy a video camera to make some home videos of dd. Can anyone recommend a reasonably-priced one and/or tell me what features are worth looking for?

WSM Sat 18-Oct-03 10:54:09

We have this JVC . It is fab, it's small and lightweight but the controls aren't too fiddly. You can take digital stills and video with it. It has lots of features including (read off the box !)....

700x digital zoom
Digital colour night scope
Power linked Operation
DV in/out terminal
Analogue input
USB PC link
Video CD creation
Email video clips
Digital still capture
Web camera
8MB multimedia card.

£399 is the cheapest I've seen it. £489 the most expensive.

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