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Does anyone else find that Ikea kid's mattresses smell of hamsters?

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SilentBite Mon 05-Dec-05 19:52:50

Bought dd a bed from IKEA with one of those extendable 3 piece mattresses. Since we have put the bed up her room has been smelling increasingly like it is a hamster's home.

When I changed her bedding tonight it stank of hamsters - then I sniffed the mattress and it reeks of hamsters - well maybe it's a sort of musty sawdusty sort of smell but it reminds me of hamsters.

What can I do? More to the point, what is the smell?

SilentBite Mon 05-Dec-05 19:53:10

kids' of course before the GPs pick me up

colditz Mon 05-Dec-05 19:53:48


SilentBite Mon 05-Dec-05 19:54:12

no is the smell of the mattress defo

No mice

colditz Mon 05-Dec-05 19:54:17

Is there sawdust in the mattress?

SilentBite Mon 05-Dec-05 19:54:36

errr..I think it is foam

colditz Mon 05-Dec-05 19:54:55

I mean, maybe there were mice at Ikea and they left a smell on the mattress?

SilentBite Mon 05-Dec-05 19:56:28

it is this one
No mention of sawdust or rodents

SilentBite Mon 05-Dec-05 19:57:02

it was wrapped in sealed thick plastic so can't believe that mice got in

Hulababy Mon 05-Dec-05 19:59:03

We have a children's mattress from Ikea and there is no smell to it at all.

Chandra Mon 05-Dec-05 19:59:12

Weird... DS had an IKEA matress and definitively it doesn't smell like hamsters... Any possibility that the mattress had been not properly packaged? (I guess that if humidity gets in and then ferments inside, it will definitively smell of hamsters...)

Hulababy Mon 05-Dec-05 19:59:55

Have you tried giving it with a spray with something like fabreze (sp) to see if that will get rid of it.

Not a damp smell is it - condesation inside the plastic?

hornbag Mon 05-Dec-05 20:00:06

Could it be something that the foam has been treated with? Fire-retardant treatment/chemicals?

jmg1 Mon 05-Dec-05 20:01:13

Not hamsters, but dd1 has done a drawing (including arrows to point at her sisters bed) for santa, to explain that if he smells wee wee it is her sisters bed and not hers

pesme Mon 05-Dec-05 20:01:46

take it back - your childs room should not smell of hamsters!

SilentBite Mon 05-Dec-05 20:02:21

oh god I can't face another trip to ikea!

Chandra Mon 05-Dec-05 20:05:13

I would take it back, just in case.

ENIDeepMidwinter Mon 05-Dec-05 20:05:30

poor you

very funny thread though

ENIDeepMidwinter Mon 05-Dec-05 20:05:55

<<PS I need LA and JA's new address PLEEEESE>>

jmg1 Mon 05-Dec-05 20:09:45

changing stuff or getting missing bits from ikea is normally a nightmare

thecattleareALOHing Mon 05-Dec-05 20:13:54

I looked after the school hamster for a bit at primary school, but honestly can't recall the smell! DD's Ikea sprung cot mattress doesn't smell at all. A nice lavender water spray? Leave it propped against the wall in a room with the windows open all day? Sounds like it needs airing.

pesme Mon 05-Dec-05 20:30:54

no, take it back it smell of hamsters!

SilentBite Mon 05-Dec-05 21:12:42

ok enid will email to you

LizP Mon 05-Dec-05 21:23:54

We got one of these about 4 years ago and the matress did stink - hamster sounds right. I just took off the covers and washed them - I think it is the fire retardant stuff that makes them smell, but since the kids don't smoke in bed I reckoned it was safe to wash it way!

Batmanbatman Wed 15-Feb-17 02:05:33

My child just woke up choking on a new ikea mattress after 4 hours sleeping on it.
Like he has some kind of aligy to it.
Throat swollen.
Not sure if it's a coincidence but the mattress stinks of chemicals

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