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Question about stokke sleepi vs bedside cot for c section

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titferbrains Mon 15-Aug-11 18:29:26

I'm having a c section in a few weeks and trying to work out easiest way to cope with night feeds initially.

We have the stokke sleepi. We kept this in dd's room when she was born and at night we had a Moses basket, which she hated. So she spent a lot of nights in bed with us. I had hoped to get a babynest bedside cot but they are qu ite hard to get hold of, manufacturer is having problems so it's sold out everywhere. I particularly liked it as it looks nice and cosy for a small baby. Not sure whether to look for another similar bedside cot or just see how we get on if I bring the Sleepi into our room. Other posters seem to say that it's good for c sections as the baby is nice and high so easy to pick up. But I know it will seem very big with a tiny baby in it - shall we just experiment with putting rolled up blankets next to baby to make it feel safer (we did this from about 7 wks with dd and it ŵorked) or look into another bedside cot so that I can just slide baby in and out of our bed and into her own safe space?

No prob with co- sleeping but am already sleeping badly and would like to do what's best so me AND baby get ok sleep...

HarperSeven Mon 15-Aug-11 21:42:30

There's one on ebay if you don't mind a used one...seller says it's not really used:

We have stokke sleepi & I also had a CS, I found it ok after about a week to lift DS out.

titferbrains Mon 15-Aug-11 22:08:46

Yes have seen the one on bay but haven't used bay for yrs so not v confident I'll win it... Am going to watch for now. Did you find it hard getting up at night to deal with baby in sleepi?

HarperSeven Tue 16-Aug-11 08:07:45

I thought the sleepi was great, still do, but that bedside cot looks so handy!

The hight of the sleepi is really very good. I think you would manage fine.

Good luck with the birth & with Ebay!!

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