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Calling all buggyholics

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lacroixsweetie Mon 15-Aug-11 13:06:01

I need to buy a cheap n cheerful stroller buggy for a holiday that's nearly here - arghhh ! Due to family emergency I've not had any time to do some research. I need a quality product but one that folds down v small for the car boot. Ideally nice and light too as we'll use it for airline travel later. Budget up to £150 max ? It will need a sun and rain canopy and we'll do a lot of walking (probably all on roads and paths) so it needs to be fairly robust. Husband is tall so need adjustable handles.
I've used a Maclaren but I kept walking on the wheels which was really irritating/dangerous in flipflops.
Anyone got any top recommendations? Thanks !

Snackalot Mon 15-Aug-11 22:16:56

Tesco? I've heard friends rate the cheap stroller highly, but I've not tried it myself. Alternatively, if you're going abroad, will your car hire company include a buggy, if you ask?

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