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Anyone got a Relyon bed?

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MonkeyGoneToHeaven Mon 15-Aug-11 11:16:44

I've just bought a Relyon bed, for delivery on Friday. It was bought in store (Bensons) without doing any research first (yes, I know...) but I recognised the brand and thought they were quite reputable. Having carried out some post-purchase Googling, this particular bed, the Airflow 7000, seems to have generated tons of complaints - due to the sagging mattress - and several court cases.

I was steered towards this bed by the salesman and, surprise surprise it now emerges that Relyon and Bensons are the same group of companies. Hopefully I haven't just wasted the best part of a grand on a rubbish bed. Has anyone got any experience of these beds? It's the one with a memory foam top and pocket sprung mattress.

Cherrytomato Wed 22-Feb-12 17:05:43

We bought a mattress from Bensons recently - Relyon Airflow 5000 i think it is - pocket sprung and foam top. It's sagged within a week of delivery so we each have a kind of shallow hammock to sleep in. We were given 2 guarantees in the shop when we placed the order, but it turns out neither of them apply as we only bought a mattress not a full bed. So that was very misleading.

I am getting nowhere with their 'customer service'- what a joke they are. They have offered me a new mattress from their shop if i pay another 15% which would be around £96. Am so cross and disappointed, I had saved up for over a year for a new mattress. According to Customer Service, it's 'natural settlement' and it's normal to sleep in a hole!

They are a group of companies including Sleepmasters and others, so beware anyone buying a mattress/bed - they don't seem at all bothered whether customers are happy or not and are very misleading about guarantees. I've reported them to Trading Standards who have said they'll take 'any appropriate action'. Not sure what to do next!

Have you got your mattress now and if so how is it?

systeman Mon 09-Jul-12 21:27:30

Don't be put off by their response. The mattress you purchased comes with a five year guarantee. They do try to limit thir liabilities by a mention in the guarantee that if one uss the mattress on an existing base, the guarantee may be void if the base itself is damaged or worn at the outset.

If the base was fine and firm (not sunken in), then under your statutory rights you have a valid claim.

I had one of these which sagged after a few weeks. I put up with it for just over a year then reported it as an inferior product. They arraged for it to be inspected by their appointed "FIRA technician".

If they asked you to place a pole (broom handle) across the middle of the mattress and measure the gaps underneath it, then this is an incorrect method of determining the amount of sagging. I had a good laugh when they asked me to do this, which was also addopted by the FIRA technician. But the FIRA guy used a plumb-line instead.

If one places a plumb-line across the middle of the mattress and you see a gap underneath it, it is not a true measurement of the sagging. The reason for this is very simple, if one is to place a plumb-line across the centre and then another along the mattress approximately central to when one sleeps, one will see a significant gap between the two plumb-lines. Therefore, the true measurement of sagging is taken from the plumb-line placed along the mattress to the lowest point in it.

One sleeps along a mattress, not across it.

A mattress should only show normal signs of wear. After a couple of years one would expect this to be one to two centimetres at the very most and it's supposes to give you the support you would expect during your sleep. The whole purpose of using memory foam is so that when one changes position it should recover within a few minutes, about ten to fifteen, to support the new sleep position.

From information gleened from the forums about this product I think there is a common fault with the Relyon Airflow 5000. If I remember correctly, it was supposed to have pocket springs and also two layers of memory foam. Sadly, the manufacturer has got it wrong this time.

pj6279 Mon 05-Aug-13 09:19:14

Poor you! I bought a very expensive Relyon bed (costs over £1000) two years ago. I have suffered a bad back ever since, I can hardly get out each morning and walk. The bed should have been medium but it must be very soft for that rating. The label reads the bed is available in soft Medium or firm so I don't have any idea what I got. I have fallen out of this this bed more than twice as the nearer the edge you get the softer it is. I would love to get rid of it today!!! If anyone is looking for a new bed avoid the Majesty unless you want a very very soft bed. The store sent a man to check and I contacted the manufacturer but can get nowhere. Best bed I have ever slept on in the last few years was the bed in the Sheraton hotel scotland. They sell their own but at over £2000.

louiserobson177 Tue 24-Sep-13 17:51:40

Relyon are known as the best beds in the world, there is some good info on why here in this blog article: Relyon Brand Focus And some good offers here: Relyon Offers

Hope that helps! smile

TracyStanford65 Tue 08-Oct-13 13:05:31

I concur with the last poster! I love my Relyon bed , so so comfy! grin I know a lot of the big stores have special deals with the manufacturers where they'll have exclusive models made just for them, maybe the quality just isn't as good or something? Also sounds like you got one that maybe has a topper or something on top of it and it isn't quite for you <runs off to check the model you said you bought> ah it has memory foam on top of it. Hmm, weird that it only has a one year guarantee though as I thought Relyon came with 5 year?

There's a pretty cool article about Relyon here, maybe try one of the models that is available in a number of places and without foam or pillowtop - just a good number of pocketsprings like this one? Yep...I did a lot of research before buying our bed, geek! wink

mzgu Mon 09-Dec-13 10:28:53

Don't go near Relyon or Bensons. My new mattress arrived Thursday, and here we are, Monday morning, and my back is so painful. I noticed after the first night that there was a delve in the bed where I sleep. I am only nine stones, so it is not like the bed has to support much. I called Bensons this morning and got the usual "it is normal yada yada", and quite simply, they refuse to do anything.

I can't believe the amount of pain I am in. The bed looks like it has had a heavy weight lying there for years. I gave my old mattress away as despite being in perfect condition, it was too firm for me, but still looked as new. (after seven years)

The mattress is a pillow top connoisseseur, and absolute rubbish. I can say the same for Bensons customer service.

Sleepy46 Sun 12-Jan-14 09:48:19

My husband and I bought a Reylon Ritz kingsize bed from Bensons for Beds two and a half years ago. We paid £1250 for the mattress and divan base. I have never slept the same since getting this bed. From day 1 it was uncomfortable and lumpy and then after about a month it started to sag on both sides where we sleep, so now there is a dip on my side and a dip on my husbands side with a big bump between us. I wake up throughout the night because my back is killing me. I am so disappointed with this bed. Our last bed lasted 15 years but we are now looking to replace this Reylon bed after 2 and a half years because I cant put up with it anymore. Also the base creaks every time you move, it creaks really loudly if you want to do anything more that just turn over! Its awful. Has anybody else got a Reylon Ritz cos Im interested to see what you think of it. I would never go back to Bensons again. I did complain about the bed and the creaking base but got fobbed off. They said it was just the mattress settling and they said to loosen off the screw under the divan to stop it creaking but it doesn't work. A very expensive mistake.

mzgu Sun 12-Jan-14 13:48:09

Hi Sleepy

We are in the middle of a battle with Bensons. The guy from FIRA found our bed to have sunk 3.4cm (he visited less than two weeks after we took delivery), that the mattress rolls to the side and that there was loss of support. Despite this, he added on Bensons copy of the report "normal". I kid you not!

After my husband spoke with Bensons they agreed to refund 80%. We accepted that but told them we will seek a full refund and we are preparing the paperwork for both visa and the small claims court. We haven't got the refund, apparently it takes three weeks to issue a cheque, and I won't be holding my breath. They have the mattress back and I am awaiting delivery of a new one from John Lewis. Why I shopped at a store other than John Lewis I have no idea. grrrr

Sleepyhoglet Sun 12-Jan-14 14:38:12

I have a relyon platinum 1475 and it is so comfy. A bit firmer than I might have chosen as hubby and I only weight about 110kg combined! It is great and no problems 3 years in.

Sleepy46 Sun 12-Jan-14 17:49:06

Hi mzgu,

Unbelieveable, why only refund you 80%, this is obviously an admission that the goods are faulty the fact that they are agreeing to refund this amount , so surely they should refund the full amount, its ridiculous and the fact that you have to incur the cost of going to small claims court, plus the inconvenience. Yes I too should have gone to John Lewis in the first place, but we have now decided that we cant go on with this bed, and have actually being looking at the Ortho 1400 bed in John Lewis - which is I have to say my favourite shop ever. Oh to be rich and go mad in that shop!!

kaisma Sat 08-Feb-14 18:01:49

I have had my relyon bed for 8 years and would never dream of sleeping on anything else. I would like to point out that if you go to John Lewis and buy a John Lewis brand bed chances are it is a relyon bed. Buying a bed is a major purchase and if buying from Bensons I would advise to use the interest free credit option and if you're not happy with the bed and there is an issue other than natural settlement, contact black horse tell them you're not happy to pay and you'll be amazed at how quickly bensons bend over backwards to help.

CLK26 Tue 01-Apr-14 04:35:15

I am just about to buy a relyon henley in soft, im under 9 stone and sick of pillowtops that have rock hard springs under.. Can anyone recommend this one? It is one of the top of the range ones with a double layer of pocket springs, (2200), paying nearly 1500 for it so dont wanna go wrong! Have had really bad shooting pains in leg and hip since we got our first of several new mattresses in August, having never suffered pain before. After buying several 300 - 600 mattress i just want something that is definately soft.

I know that the relyons in bensons are made with cheaper and inferior materials, and i have tried them out in bensons and other bed stores and the ones in bensons dont feel great, they feel nothing like the relyons in the relyon stockists (from website, you will see bensons isnt there although apparently owned by them too!) i have visited.

If anyone can tell me whether they are happy with their 2200 relyon mattress i would be very grateful as just about to order one! Many thanks

fishybits Tue 01-Apr-14 05:13:26

Go to John Lewis for your mattress. When you're spending that much money you need to know that a) you're getting a good product and b) the customer service is first class.

All the "good" Benson reviews on here are clearly written by Benson employees. Pay more attention to those posters who spent thousands, now have bad backs and no refunds.

Sweethoni Sat 05-Jul-14 09:56:51

Too bad you've already bought it - years ago I know - How are you finding it? We bought a top of the range Relyon bed pillow top and it is completely and utterly useless. I complained within the guarantee period took photos etc etc. And was just fobbed off. Do not buy Relyon. Have you seen the United Breaks Guitars Youtube video. I'm thinking of doing one of those for Relyon (I'm a composer and direct choirs)

Rhoda77 Fri 14-Nov-14 13:32:40

Hi, have been reading all your comments. I'm afraid the problem is Bensons. I have just finished a 10 month battle with them where several of the issues mentioned here were experienced by myself. In the end we returned everything we had bought and minus reselection charges got all money refunded. We sent our mattresses back early on but were left with two divans which we thought would be ok. They broke twice in the first six months, once a drawer the other the frame. They always insist on sending Fira who are there to tell you breakages are not uncommon and get on and fix it. On the second occasion we halted the Fira engineer in his tracks and instructed him not to fix it. Instead he gave us a report and we got a refund. Be firm with Bensons. They like you to think you can't return a bed cos the problem is you. Infact the problem is poorly made cost cutting beds, dressed up with over inflated price tags which are then slashed to make it look like you are getting a bargain. Stick to a reputable department store when buying a bed, they generally won't play the tricks highly discounted bed stores do. Also remember to research your options if you are not happy on the trading standards website.

suec4075 Tue 24-Mar-15 21:27:03

I have a Relyon Memory foam mattress. Cost over £800 just for the mattress. It is the worst purchase I have ever made. Within 6 months of buying it we had a large hump running down the centre which left a dip on my side of the bed and one on my husbands. Contacted Co-op who arranged for someone from Relyon to assess it. When the assessor arrived he put a piece of string across the mattress measured the dip and announced it was within their spec and therefore we would have to put up with it!!! A year and half later I am in agony with my back, get out of bed like an old woman (only 53) and cannot stand it anymore so now looking for a new mattress. Avoid!!!!

dadstheword01 Tue 09-Jun-15 15:34:12

I wouldn't buy on brands alone, while Waitrose is considered a great brand, like all great supermarkets, it still has a budget range.

Even the apple iPhones come with their own problems (remember the battery overheating on the 4)

The same applies for bed manufacturers, simply put the more you spend, the better the bed, I would cap that at £1000 though. Why would you not spend £1,000 on a bed, you sleep in it every night. Use the comfort principle, spend your money where you spend your time.

The same applies for RESEARCH, the more you spend, the better the result. Check out some of the bed retailers blogs, there is loads of good advice out there from bed experts.

The right bed has to be right for your individual needs.

dadstheword01 Tue 16-Jun-15 11:22:34

You mentioned that you looked at the Relyon Airflow 7000, Land of Beds have reviewed the Airflow 5000 and provided a few alternatives that they offer.

It's on the front page of the land of beds blog.

Guardy1 Thu 13-Aug-15 22:27:00


Really interesting to just find this post. I've got a super kingside Airflow 7000 bed, and it's the worst bed we have ever had. Bought last January, and since been replaced by Bensons in February, but both failed really quickly. I have been given a credit to go ahead and choose another bed, and to be honest I am at a complete loss. I went into Benson today and was steered to the Connissieur Supreme range, but have just done some research to find it's yet again a reylon bed. I don't really trust this company, and just wished I had bought from another company! I have £1,139 to spend as a credit, they seem to have taken off £200 without explains why, but I would prefer my money back and to go elsewhere, can I legally do this? Thanks for any advice in advance.

Rene123 Fri 04-Sep-15 09:56:02

I have bought the Connoisseur Premuim bespoke bed from Benson For Beds. I layed on the zip link 2 single beds joined by a zip, one soft the other meduim loved both, paid for king size in the meduim. Felt nothing like in the show room exchanged for the soft(paid nothing to exchange). Arrived yesterday lower back pain during the night that area went into a dip. As I couldn't try a king size in this and bought it on the assumption it will feel exactly as the single felt in the meduim but it doesn't doesnt anyone have any advice as to how I can get my money back. As they said I cannot have a refund. Help.

fedupbeingcaught Sat 19-Mar-16 12:13:15

Bnsons are the worst people to do business with. I purchased a mattress from them, what a big mistake, tried telling them the sagging was unbelievable after only 9 months, after one massive fight they replaced it, and same again only this time sagged after 6 months. Its rubbish and I am told Relyon is there own brand - watch out and dont do business with people who catch you

EnriqueTheRingBearingLizard Sat 19-Mar-16 12:33:38

I know this is an old thread, but seeing as so many people seem to have had problems, I thought I'd post the advice for mattress care from the manufacturer of the bed we have

We've had our bed about eight years already and it's been super comfortable from the start. It still looks brand new to be honest, with no problems to report.

NathalieM Fri 08-Apr-16 13:27:29

A reputable brand is sometimes misleading I think, but on the other hand I've heard nothing but great things about Reylon. I invested quite a lot in the bed we have now; I figured that it gets used everyday so would be a worthwhile investment, plus I wanted a mattress and frame that wouldn't collapse after a year-or-so.

I ended up with the sleigh beds style, and it looks good as new after a year-and-a-half. I've been told to expect well over a decades worth of service, so we will see how it turns out.

Mine's the Manoir if anyones interested:

easterville Tue 14-Jun-16 12:44:15

I would like to share that I am very impressed with my Relyon beds I have bought in the past. The latest was and is still going strong in our guest room - very good quality and comfortable. My understanding of Benson's and Relyon situation are that they are owned by the same parent company but are ran as totally separate businesses. I personally won't buy from Bensons any more due to bad service experience but I still have faith with Relyon. Hope that helps if anyone is concerned over Relyon smile

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