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Which 2 wheel scooter for a 7y old that wants to go on ramps at skatepark?

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befuzzled Sun 14-Aug-11 22:33:30

title says it all really, he is nearly 7 and has ridden a cheapo 15 quid power rangers 2 wheel Aluminium? scooter since he was 3. Has also been riding a bike w/o stabilisers since then. He now wants to go on the ramps at the local skatepark with the older boys. The problem is his old 2 wheeler is on its last legs, the joints have all gone loose and it is trying to kill him - when he tries to jump it swings round and whacks him etc. His younger brother has a MiniMicro 3 wheeler which I think is fab and is obviously way better made.

So the obvious thing would be a MaxiMicro but he doesnt want a 3 wheeler as "the older boys will laugh" and to be fair they all seem to have 2 wheelers as the skate park. So what are the options for good quality, well build 2 wheel scooter that he can jump and do tricks on? (and a helmet, obviously)

MissingMySleep Sun 14-Aug-11 23:32:30

we got a razor scooter from amazon, it was reduced from 90 ish to about 42

he loves taking it to school as the other boys are impressed by it, so we got something right

it spins round (intentionally) like your boy's worn out scooter so its not the perfect one for him, but if you look for one from that same range perhaps...?

he has that one, and a cheapo one for stunts, that we accept will never last long as he jumps all over the place on it, so maybe just keep replacing the cheap ones?

befuzzled Mon 15-Aug-11 23:33:58

thanks a lot for the suggestion! I didnt realise they were supposed to spin? (he's my eldest, so all new to me) - I think the problem is that it is really loose now as it never used to cause him issues wheras now he falls over virtually every time he goes out on it. Will lok at razor ones, thanks.

Honeydragon Mon 15-Aug-11 23:39:46

JD Bug

Is exactly what he needs and what the big boys have. Brilliantly made, great for tricks and well worth the money. Ds got his when he was &, everyone else was getting Maxi Micros and he was the envy of his friends ....who now all want rid at 8/9 as they want two wheel bigboy ones.

Best of all it folds really small and has a carry strap so ds doesn't mind carrying it.

timetosmile Mon 15-Aug-11 23:57:34

Jury's out amongst 10yr olds here - JD Bug (really well made) or Razor..both are cool and will go down well.
I speak as something of an expert -we have a bump in our drive cool skate ramp, everyone uses, and I had to 'customise' DS's JDBug with a friend's spare front wheel suspension which took most of yesterday afternoon, while several of them stood around helpfully suggesting allan keys/ adjustable wrenches/ WD40 at great length.

Honeydragon Tue 16-Aug-11 00:01:56

timetosmile grin

befuzzled Tue 16-Aug-11 11:28:25

Thanks guys and so glad I have discovered you, I'm going to need you over the next few years (3 boys, live opposite a skate park they can see from their bedroom windows). JDbug or razor it is then! Thi is heat I needed as people were telling me maxi micro and I know they are excellent, ds2 loves his mini micro, age 3, but ds1 can literally ride it with his eyes closed (or while playing his ds the other day!), no challenge element at all which is what he wants, and to jump at the top of ramps etc.

Now, which is a good skateboard to start him off or can I just put proper wheels on his kids Ben ten one a la timetosmile <impressed>?

Honeydragon Tue 16-Aug-11 12:22:50

At 8 they need a slightly smaller skateboard than a adult one...but not a mini.

28" is ideal for a 7/8 year old
this is excellent and good value, especially as it often comes up on offer and comes with all the kit

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