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How can I unlock a Motorola Razr?

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tracyk Sun 04-Dec-05 13:45:54

I bought one yesterday on Virgin PAYG but would like to unlock and use Vodafone - do I need to go to a 'shop'?

MerlinsBeard Sun 04-Dec-05 15:02:47

think u need the PUK code or PUK2 code, but otherwise u will need to go to virgin shop for them to unlock it from their service

gobal Fri 07-Dec-12 07:29:30

Hi tracyk,
You can unlock your Motorola Razr mobile using unlock code.It's the best way to unlock your mobile.You can get unlock code from your service provider or else try to buy a unlock code from online unlocking service provider.If you need unlock code visit Here you can unlock your mobile within a day.

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