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Plug Protectors, Safety Plugs, Socket Covers (Etc etc!)

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SlevinKelevra Tue 09-Aug-11 11:31:22

Not sure what the official name to call these beasts are? but I'm after Safety Plugs (that?s what I've always called them)

However, a) apologies if this is the wrong section, but surprisingly, I couldn?t find one Safety/ChildProofing area? So I've gone with a guess! And b) I'm not looking for your bog standard box of 24 from IKEA costing £1.89 a bag?

I want them to a little different, unique, conversational talking point ? as my living room is rather open plan ? and although I don?t want them to have mini electronic Christmas trees sticking out of them ? just something? you know? not plastic?y and white sad

I would settle for a coloured one (as I can match this to the walls) and the closest I can find anywhere (searching the likes of ?Novelty? and ?Cool?) were some Smiley Face ones (that also acted as night lights if you flipped the switch).

But from experience, they do like to flip the switches ? and id worry they?d get hot etc?

So does anyone know where I can get some slightly novelty, if not coloured, perhaps cool looking Safety Plugs?

PS I have no Blue Peter badge and missed the majority of ?Art Attack? episodes ? so the option of spraying them up myself is out of the question :D

PPS Hello to the forum by-the-by, as this is my first post (ill hunt for the ?introductions? thread after I've posted this!

Warm Regards,


breadcrumbs Tue 09-Aug-11 21:30:08

Jay, please read this about why you should not use plug covers. This topic has also been covered by most of the UK papers, and Which.

SlevinKelevra Wed 10-Aug-11 08:28:33

Wow - im amazed!

Thank you for pointing this out BreadCrumbs!

Consider them struck from my shopping list

breadcrumbs Wed 10-Aug-11 10:26:31

Manufacturers unfortunately love to play on peoples' insecurities (think no-touch soap dispensers!!) and parents are a great target for them. Lots of 'safety' stuff is unnecessary i.m.o. but these covers are just dangerous. I never used them with my kids (now 9 and 7) mostly because I thought it's important to tell them not to touch sockets so that they wouldnt do it in a house where there werent any covers.

You can spray paint some nice little chairs and table instead now grin

SlevinKelevra Wed 10-Aug-11 11:59:51

Hi Breadcrumbs,

My need to spray will subside – as the last things I sprayed (my nephews Nerf Guns) was actually a disaster and even with sealent left a chrome finish on your hands haha!

So ill stay clear of it – and perhaps buy colourful furniture to begin with.

I unfortunately already have a no-touch-dispenser… I fear I am a sucker for a bit of scare tactics!

But the lust for socket covers was driven by my (said) nephew playing with the sockets in my house. They are chrome and shiny – so I fear I magpie’d him into it… But if they are safe – and I ensure he doesn’t some how get a real screwdriver… Ill be safe…. But if his licked sticky hands are safe – then ill sleep a little easier now smile

Thanks again – you’ve been really helpful!

FatallyFlawed Tue 05-Jul-16 14:55:02

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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