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mamas and papas

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claracux Mon 08-Aug-11 14:28:22

Has anyone else had any problems with mamas and papas delivery lately? We ordered all our nursery furniture and Ultima pram and car seat on the 30th may and was told that it was a 2-4 week delivery to our house, to be assembled. This has gone on and on, and we are now being told not to expect it until the 2nd week in september. Every time we have called them we have been fobbed off with promises that the pram was on its way and also that the furniture was in stock then out of stock then in stock.. we are new to this and it seems that they may aswell have no customer service as it is terrible. baby is due 5th oct and we are really starting to panic now, and the whole thnig is sooo upsetting.

Ineedcake Mon 08-Aug-11 14:34:52

I've found mamas and papas to be AWFUL for delivery. I've tried them a few times thinking that last time was just bad luck but nope, always an issue of some kind sad

Last one was when I tried to specify an order date to make sure I was in to sign for the cot I'd ordered - they just shipped it straight away regardless. They did say 'oh sorry' when I complained but still took the extra delivery charge, and I couldn't be bothered to try and claim that back again.

Sorry not very reassuring! Can you ask to cancel the order and see if it's instore to pick up?

Or try another online store? Argos do some m&p stuff

OneOf8 Mon 08-Aug-11 15:00:56

I had trouble with the delivery service.

I was also repeatedly sold the wrong mattress for the Auto-cruise (to make it safe for over night sleeping)

One incredibly shitty strongly word complaint letter I had a guaranteed date and a voucher.

I wouldn't use them again if against a deadline - however I did receive my items within 3 months, so hopefully you will receive your items in time also. Make a note of who you speak with and if not happy, put it in writing on email.

claracux Tue 09-Aug-11 12:09:24

thanks a lot we have sent a letter and now await a reply

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