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steerable trike recommendations please

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eskimorose Fri 05-Aug-11 08:20:50

I'm on DS3 and all are bike crazy. He is 18 months and our previous trike with handle which was from Woolworths (we have good age gap!) has had it. There were all sorts of things wrong with it (plastic wheels (noisy and cracked), short handle, no steerability without raising the front wheel) but it was very cheap (didn't realise how bike mad would become!). DS1 and DS2 went straight to a 12" bike from it actually.

We always said we would get THE BEST sturdy, steerable stick trike for this one. I don't want one where the plastic bucket falls off every step. We will need to cover reasonable distances at reasonable speed.

I've seen Radio Flyers on Amazon and a nice metal Italian one. Are they actually more manoeverable than Thomas the Tank etc.?

please help. Have bike seat for DS3 but DS2 has broken arm at mo and can't (I won't let him!) cycle so he's having to walk and feel a bit mean making him run alongside big bike every time.


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