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Bugaboo Chameleon Weak Brake

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stickieswoman Tue 02-Aug-11 01:20:28

Had my bugaboo for 4 years now, on third child but not been used as main pushchair all the time (i have several!!). The brake has got really weak though and just doesn't hold anymore with any significance. My dad's had a look at it for me but can't get it any tighter. Any suggestions? I know I'm well over any warranty period but it ought to be reparable or fit for purpose, especially where I live and with something as important as a brake. My youngest is only 1 so would still like to have a couple of years use out of it and possibly sell on, but won't be able to with faulty brake. Any help much appreciated. x

2ddornot2dd Tue 02-Aug-11 22:53:15

Mine never worked - I actually had a new frame as the old one started turning to the left all the time, and the brake on that one didn't work either. I think it is a known fault, would love to know if anyone has fixed it. (my pram is about 4yo and on its second child)

DonaAna Fri 12-Aug-11 17:53:42

Haven't used them but check them out:
(I have a Bee with a broken handlebar, a well-known Bee fault, and have been looking for places where I could get it fixed.)

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