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How fabulous are white company winter candles?

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bosscat Thu 01-Dec-05 12:22:00

They smell like Christmas in a glass jar. Anyone else use them and love them?

myrrhthamoo Thu 01-Dec-05 12:33:16

I've always been tempted - but they're jolly pricey for a candle (dh would flip I think).

Does pricey have an e? Pricey. Pricy. Yes, I think it does.

bosscat Thu 01-Dec-05 12:37:20

yes I think pricey has an e and yes they are pricey! I'm a candle freak though and must have one at all times to stop little boy smells after they have gone to bed. as a xmas treat though? they are xmas in a jar after all!

ENIDeepMidwinter Thu 01-Dec-05 12:40:01

dd1 is buying me the dyptique pomander one for xmas

bosscat Thu 01-Dec-05 13:32:20

ooh diptyque...very jennifer lopez. I have one of those at the moment on the mantle. which one is it? oh yes, baies whatever that means. very lovely. have you tried any jo malone? I think they are way over priced although I love her body creams and bath oil.

pixel Thu 01-Dec-05 17:13:01

Mmm I've got a couple on the bookcase and I keep getting a whiff, very christmassy. And I haven't even lit them yet!

I agree they're expensive but I ordered some last year for a friend's christmas pressie and when they arrived one was smashed. I phoned the White company and they just sent me another box so I got to keep the unbroken ones

Maggie7 Wed 19-Oct-11 22:40:35


Just wanted to share another wonderful candle company that produce natural Soy candles. I recently bought a Christmas Spice candle from their Christmas range and I'm delighted with it.

Here's their website:-
For Christmas Spice:-

Maggie7 Wed 19-Oct-11 22:46:44

Apologies, the link to the Christmas Spice range is

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