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Does religion mislead young women and girls and make them vulnerable?

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mostembarrassingmum Fri 29-Jul-11 10:35:41

At 17 I was a campaigner against pornography and got involved with CAP (Campaign Against Porn'). Jehovah's Witnesses gave me a magazine about God's views against porn', so I sent it to the girls at CAP HQ. One of them phoned me back and warned me to stay away from JW's because she had studied with them and found that although they claim to be against porn', it is actually up to the family head (the man) on these issues and the type of porn' we get in newspapers is classed by them as a 'matter of conscience'. This then means that the man can be in a position of authority in a congregation when he does buy the newspapers famous for the dirty pages, and be in a position where they judge others for their sins.

Years later, I got engaged to a JW and was told by them that it is all about the 'secret person of the heart' and that JW women would not do catwalk modelling, as I was doing at the time, also that porn' in newspapers is frowned upon by them. In my marriage I actually experienced violence as my husband got angry with me for my views. I was expected to leave the room when any degrading scenes came on TV that I did not like as he was told by them "It is up to the family head to decide on matters of conscience". After his death, I was persuaded by the JW's again that this was not right and I went to their Kingdom Hall. Then, I was told about all the JWs who do buy the newspapers famous for their porn' and that it was deemed OK as long as they claimed they did not look at the dirty pages. An elder's wife told me that her husband bought it and there was nothing wrong with it. When I confronted the Watchtower, I was sent a letter in which they contradicted themselves by saying they did not condone porn' but likened the pictures in the papers to pictures in a Biology lesson and told me not to become "righteous over much." They have a wonderful website which brings out all these scriptures against porn', but I think it is misleading to young girls, because once they get them in, they actually have no rights and have to go in subjection to elders that buy it!

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