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Chocolate Spread - 1001 uses.

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lenio Thu 21-Jul-11 12:21:59

I discovered yesterday, after making a batch of cupcakes for my daughters school cake sale a very innovative way of decorating them... hassle free, no fuss in mixing icing sugar and water or making up a batch of butter icing.

I spread each cake with a lovingly generous layer of chocolate spread...and with the help of my nearly 6 year old we had the batch done and sprinkled, Gotta have sprinkles, in no time.

I did sample one for quality control. mmmmmmmmmm its a pity they had to go to school today.

There in is a brilliant activity to do with the kids with the summer holidays to fill. 6 weeks of .......... Baking. I love my kitchen. How many other mums feel the same? It really is the heart of my home.


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