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where can i get a nice bed and matching furniture?

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issywoo Mon 13-Oct-03 13:59:12

our 2 and a quarter year old needs a bed and we're looking for something that will last her long term and won't embarrass her when she's a teenager. we've had a look at john lewis, warren evans, alpha bed, ikea but can't find what we want. we don't want pine or a divan but we do want a bed with drawers and matching side tables etc. can anyone suggest anywhere please?

mieow Mon 13-Oct-03 14:09:55

Argos do a nice range of bedroom stuff. Matching too. You can get coloured furiture too.

iota Mon 13-Oct-03 14:14:52

I couldn't see furniture lasting either of my ds's long term - is your dd well-behaved? Mine like to jump on beds, fight, fling open doors and drawers etc and ds2 has outbreaks of scribbling.
I bought cheap pine beds for them and will look at more expensive replacements in the future, when they've grown up a bit

Tissy Mon 13-Oct-03 14:15:20

try Aspace . We're really pleased with the bed we bought from them.

issywoo Tue 14-Oct-03 09:33:21

tissy, thanks for the link - i really like the beds and have requested a catalogue. any more links to the more unusual furniture manufacturers gratefully received!

Gem13 Tue 14-Oct-03 21:20:02

Wigwam do some really nice furniture. Pricey though...

Dizzy2 Wed 15-Oct-03 11:45:37

\link{\does lovely stuff - now have a new website where you can buy online

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