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tjw1904 Mon 28-Nov-05 16:05:04

Does anyone have any idea where i can get one of these?? HANDLE BAR EXTENSION PHIL & TEDS

jenkel Mon 28-Nov-05 16:09:24

Have you tried contacting Phil & Teds direct, they have a website, they have been really helpful in the past when I have tried to contact them

misdee Mon 28-Nov-05 16:13:24

can u extend it even further then?

Bagpuss30 Mon 28-Nov-05 16:14:24

Think you can get them from P&T's directly for about $15 and $15 p&p IIRC. I think Bearinthebigbluehouse ordered one. I'm sure he'd be able to tell you more if he's about .

Bagpuss30 Mon 28-Nov-05 16:15:35

You can for the old ones misdee (V1) but the V2 models come with the extended handle already.

tjw1904 Mon 28-Nov-05 16:17:38

I e-mailed P&T 3 months ago and 4 times since, have even stayed up late and phoned them in New Zealand but no joy, only get answer machines and no resonse to the e-mails, my hubby is 6ft 8 and we have just had the 2nd babe and now he can't push the buggy as bashing the baby!!!! hopefully bearinthebigbluehouse will pick up this thread and be able to help.

BearintheBigBlueHouse Mon 28-Nov-05 16:47:50

Sorry, was doing that childcare thing.

I think Bagpuss is right and the V2 ones already have the extension. But FWIWI did indeed get one from P&T and it cost me NZ $20 (just over £8) + freight of NZ $20 to the UK. When we got our buggy, you still had to import them from NZ so I developed a relationship with Jenna at P&T and she sorted it for me (, but the last stuff I needed she referred me to Out'n'About in the UK who are now the P&T distributors here - they've also been really helpful with spare parts when we knackered the thing. They're here tel 01234 344230.

I'm only 6' and it works a treat for me - I guess you could put it in upside down which would give even more height (at least that works on the V1.


tjw1904 Wed 30-Nov-05 15:56:11

Well still no joy from P&T ignoring e-mails and calls, really frustrating outNabout had no idea about it so will try ringing NZ again tonight.

piximon Thu 01-Dec-05 09:16:17

Did you try with the handle bar round the other way so that it points upwards?

tjw1904 Fri 02-Dec-05 11:38:22

yes tried it both ways, and still no response from p&T, terrible customer service, really not impressed!!!!.

Pushchairs Mon 17-Dec-12 10:46:34

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