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What could I do with my smartphone?

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Kladow Sun 17-Jul-11 21:18:04

I have just received a smartphone as a present and am struggling to work out what I could use it for. I know this sounds strange but I am a SAHM with two children - including a busy 2 year old who is with me all day every day. I can´t drive so I go everywhere by underground but where we live there is no network IN the underground itself (not in UK). I use mumsnet and email in the evening from my MacBook where I have a full keyboard and a large screen - so I can touch type and read much more easily than with the smartphone. Otherwise I have NO time during the day for internet applications as two year old is there needing attention. I have a good camera which is better than the camera on the smartphone, and which cost a lot of money, so I don´t want to start using the smartphone camera just for the sake of it.
Does any other SAHM use a smartphone for something for which they can´t use their home computer? I thought about the notorious flashlight applications but I don´t often go out in the dark and if I do in winter, I have a normal torch. As it was a present from people who I care about I feel too sad to sell it... and it seems too expensive a present just to lose in a drawer for posterity.
Any suggestions???

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