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Anyone used Mama Mio scar cream.. not on scars???

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FoodFascist Fri 15-Jul-11 14:23:11

Hi there,

Has anyone tried Mama Mio See No Scar on stretch marks?
I went through my entire pregnancy with not one stretch mark anywhere, but when my milk came my boobs balooned 2.5 sizes in 3 days shock so I got terrible stretch marks. I used Mama Mio Goodbye stretch marks and it worked wonders - I thought the problem was totally solved. Sadly, because my boobs were still very full, it looked like the stretch marks were gone but once I gave up breastfeeding and went back to my normal bra size, some deeper marks showed up again and unfortunately this time Goodbye didn't imporve them much at all. Probably because they weren't fresh anymore?

Anyway, I was looking for some other radical product and most stuff on the market seems to be preventative rather than a cure. Then I remembered someone say that certain ingredients in scar treatments work to restore collagen and improve skin texture whether it be on a scar or stretch mark or other problems, so I thought maybe the See No Scar will help?

Or maybe you know something else that'll work on old-ish (almost 2 years) stretch marks?

Many thanks!

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