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Where can I find mattress protector/sheets for child's small bed?

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willow2 Sun 12-Oct-03 11:17:11

OK - I'm sure the answer is on here somewhere, but I can't find it... so can anyone help point me in the right direction? I need a mattress protector (waterproof) to fit a bed 140cm X 70 - that's 55" X 27". Nearest I can come up with is La Redoute who do 190 x 70 - can anyone do better? Also sheets to fit this size bed? If I use normal single sizes I end up stuffing so much under the bed that it's like some warped version of the princess and the pea.

gingernut Sun 12-Oct-03 11:30:37

Isn't that cot bed size? If so, we got some in John Lewis.

Loobie Sun 12-Oct-03 12:33:42

I got a matress protector not sure of the exact size of it but it covers about 1/2 of my ds normal sized bed so suppose it would fit what your looking for, i got it in boots its fabric on one side and waterproofy on the other side,its great it goes through the machine then straight into the drier i think it was about 15 pounds.HTH

pie Sun 12-Oct-03 12:35:12

That is a cot bed size, I just got a protector from Verbaudet, fabric one side, waterproof the other. Also got fitted sheets.

willow2 Mon 13-Oct-03 10:35:51

Thank you! I knew you lot would come up with the goods. Big thanks to Pie - I've only ever been sent the little "magazine" from Verbaudet so had no idea they did so much other stuff - and in the perfect size I need. Now, finally, ds will have sheets that fit his bed properly!

Crunchie Mon 13-Oct-03 10:44:36

Willow2, I also have the mattress protector from Boots and in some ways I would recommend this rather than a fitted one, as I assume eventually he will move into a full sized single bed and this will still work then. Also I feel that most of teh waterproof mattress proctectors are very 'plasticky' and very sweaty, the Boots one is not. Just a thought mind, it's up to you.

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