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Watch allergy Help

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Muminator2000 Thu 14-Jul-11 11:09:51

My daughter wants an Ice-Watch for her birthday but she has an allergy to nickel. a lot of watches use this in the backs or straps. I have taken a look at the one she wants ( but im not sure and its an awful lot of money to spend on something she may not be able to wear. has anyone got any advice on what I should do or if the backs of these watches are plastic ?

Muminator2000 Thu 14-Jul-11 11:10:37

Whoops the website I saw it on was:

Pseudocrem Thu 14-Jul-11 11:12:50

A coat of clear nail varnish on the nickel works sometimes!

feetheart Thu 14-Jul-11 11:23:24

Can you go into a jewelers and have a look?

I have the same thing and haven't been able to wear a watch for years, as you say most of them have metal backs/straps.
Nail varnish has never really worked for me though might for some people. Also be aware that the allergy can 'spread' - it was watches/ear-rings/necklaces as a teenager, glasses started to cause a reaction in my late 30's and by mid-40's even belt buckles set it off confused

If it was my DD I would be very reluctant to spend that much on something that will lie in a drawer after a few days wear - but I am Mean Mummy smile

soundersleep Mon 18-Jul-11 16:45:01

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