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Stop Thumbsucking!!

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Nibbles08 Thu 14-Jul-11 08:54:15

My daughter is still sucking her thumbs and she is 11 years old! I bought her 2 Thumb Busters from America and they did work for awhile but now she has outgrown them and they are only one size. I've heard of a company in the UK that sells a similar one, however I was shocked to discover how much they cost (£50)! Her knuckles have gone white from all that sucking and her 2 front teeth is sticking out and she will need braces but only when she stops sucking her thumb. She is starting senior school in September and it is rather embarrassing, can anyone recommend anything please? Thank you!!

Kaelle Thu 14-Jul-11 10:26:40

Soory nibbles, cant help cuz I need help here too.(dont know mumsnet etiquette, should I be starting a thread of my own??) DD is 5yrs, but only one of threeDD to suck thumb. Baby teeth already bucking and I would really like to get her stopping before adult teeth start coming through. Haven't read anything yet in child books, but surely there must be some good tips??

stupefy Thu 14-Jul-11 10:35:31

We showed our daughter pictures of people's horrible teeth as a result of thumb sucking. There are plenty on google.

It has worked mostly but she does still suck to get to sleep but not at all in the day and she used to be doing it all the time.

Good luck smile

Peanut05 Wed 20-Jul-11 17:40:02

As an adult thumbsucker who was CONSTANTLY nagged as a child to 'take your thumb out!' (later abbreviated to 'thumb!') can I please suggest, not nagging as a possible deterrant?! I can't offer any help with giving up, (obviously!), but good luck to you both! x

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