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Do I need an expensive car seat?

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JojoMags Sun 10-Jul-11 17:44:03

My DS is 4 months old and outgrowing his baby seat. I would like to get a 0-4 years seat, but prices vary hugely, from around £60 to £300 plus. We don't have huge amounts of money and aren't fussy about 'labels' but safety is paramount. Am I compromising on safety by going for a cheaper seat?

fraktious Sun 10-Jul-11 18:11:04

Are you sure he's out of it? What make is it? It's not an issue if the top of his head is just over. Legs are fine to be out the bottom.

At 4 months I would definitely keep him rear-facing which limits your options a but but for me safety is paramount.

cece Sun 10-Jul-11 18:18:05

Those first seats are designed to be used till at least 12 months - are you sure he is growing out of it? My DS1 was over 11 lbs at bith but still used his first car seat till 12 months....

BikeRunSki Sun 10-Jul-11 18:20:33

Are you sure he is growing out of it? My DS was a big baby and he was in his until 9 months. 4 months sounds very young to be out of it. You can take the head hugger out, and usually move the straps up. The Maxi Cosi Cabrio Fix has a wedge of foam under the cover to bulk it out for babies too, which you can take out to make it bigger; maybe other makes and models do too.

EauRouge Sun 10-Jul-11 18:34:54

DD1 was in her baby seat until 13 mo, agree with the others that 4 mo is very young- what makes you say he's outgrown it?

Have you had a look at rear facing toddler seats?

BertieBotts Sun 10-Jul-11 18:45:01

You don't necessarily need to buy the most expensive seat, but I would avoid the very cheapest as they tend to be flimsy. Mothercare own brand for example are good quality, but about 1/2-2/3 the price of the big brands. The nania/babystart (+ various other obscure names which they keep changing) ones are particularly bad. Graco is also another make which isn't as expensive as some but are okay quality. I don't think mothercare or Graco do a 0+1 seat though. I think the Britax First Class at £99 (or at least that's how much the one I had cost) is about the cheapest I'd go for this kind of seat.

But agree with the others that it's unlikely he's outgrown it at 4 months. DS fitted in his until 18 months. If he's under 13kg and her head hasn't reached the top yet then he'll be fine for ages yet.

However if money is no object to safety I would avoid the group 0+1 seats and keep him in his infant seat as long as you can, then move to an extended rear facing group 1 seat as these are the safest.

nicm Sun 10-Jul-11 21:29:33

hi, i have just bought ds2 (6months)a britax hi-way seat.

wish i had known about it before he was born as it lasts from 0-25kgs and i would have saved myself the baby carrier money, as i couldn't lift it anyway! sad but as others have said the baby seat should do to 10-13kgs. ds is 10kgs at 6 months and still has loads of room left in baby seat.


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