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Leapfrog Tag Junior or standard?

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MinnieBar Sat 09-Jul-11 16:00:23

DD2 will be 3 in a few weeks and I've suggested to my parents that they get her a Leapfrog Tag pen and some books.

What I'm wondering is, should we get the Junior (which says age 2-4) or the standard version (age 4-8)? If we get the older version then DS (4.7) can use it too/more, but will it be too advanced for a clearly G&T three-year-old?? One of the reviews on Amazon said their three-year-old mastered the Junior version in a day and was bored of it.

Just wondering what your experiences are - all information gratefully received!

MinnieBar Sat 09-Jul-11 17:14:39


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