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please give me your reivews of loola up

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hugeleyoutnumbered Thu 07-Jul-11 09:56:03

interested in you opinions before I buy

TruthSweet Fri 08-Jul-11 21:05:53

I really liked mine and was sad too stop using it (needed to go back to a doublesad)

great recline and the foot rest comes up as the back reclines,
easy to push one handed (even with a pre-schooler on the buggy board),
the basket is an okay size (if you use the reusable canvas/hessian bags in it you can get loads more in),
the handles will take a good weight without tipping,
nippy and a small turning circle,
you can fold the pram with the seat forward or rearward facing or with it off for a very small fold,
you can change the cover/hood if you fancy a different look (I have choco-cream and framboise optic [from a Loola]),
the raincover just zips on and can be folded back and left without getting in baby's way (there are little elastic loops that hold the cover on when folded back over the hood),
the raincover fits into the front pocket of the basket so easy to stash,
the wheels can be locked/unlocked by pushing a button on the side of the frame so no getting hands dirty fiddling with the wheels,
the brake is a 'tap on tap off' kind so you just push one button on the wheel for on & one for off,
the bumper bar is easy to get on and off and the cover comes off so you can wash it,
it has quite a tall seat back so will take a taller toddler (I used it once to take my then 113cm, 19kg 4.9y/o to the Drs when she was unwell and it stood up quite well though the hood was a close fit grin)

The Choco-cream colour way shows the dirty terribly and the hood lets all the light through,
the sides of the frame can sometimes not click into place when unfolding (it doesn't make it unsafe just a little wiggly) so you need to fold and unfold again if that happens (which only happened to me not DH so I think if you have the knack it's fine),
the straps on the 2008 model were very short and when I ordered replacement straps which were exactly the same size hmm

I don't know anything about the carry cot or the compatible car seats - sorry!


hugeleyoutnumbered Sat 09-Jul-11 08:22:09

oohh thankyou, I have a cossatto budy at the moment and love it but it takes up a huge amount of boot space so we are changing, i love the parent faacing feature and ds3 10monthys freaks if hes turned around, going for a look later today, thanks for the tips going for a red one.

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