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cd player for children

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britishbulldog Wed 06-Jul-11 22:01:58

Does anyone have any recommendations?

We have an Argos boombox thing, but the buttons are still too difficult for DS (4) to press (was v cheap and cheerful). So we'd like to get something that he can use, and which DD (2) hopefully won't instantly trash.

I did wonder whether some sort of MP3 thing would be better, but (with speakers as well) they look insanely expensive.

Any ideas?

britishbulldog Sun 10-Jul-11 22:38:17


slippix Thu 21-Jul-11 13:24:35

It's not a cd player but this might be a solution:-

I have a digital radio for my daughter (Funkids is great) Similar to this

Then went to Currys and got this

Which is an mp3 player where you load on mp3s from your pc via has a headphone jack, I found this great for long car journeys and you can get lots of stories or CDs on to it...and I used a lead like this:

when indoors if my daughter wanted to listen to her mp3s in her room.

Seems a bit long winded but believe me it has bought me hours of peace at home and in the car!

britishbulldog Mon 25-Jul-11 13:25:15

my! I realise i am COMPLETELY behind the times. So that little thing like a memory stick is an MP3 player? So if we had one of those, and some headphones, ds could listen to stories in the car?
Am not mad about the idea of headphones on all the time though, but am I right then in understanding that there is a way of linking this little player up to a radio? Via the headphone jacks on both bits? how is it then controlled, by the mp3 player or the radio?
sounds like this might be (part of) the answer... thank you!

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