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Bey blade v force

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codswallop Fri 10-Oct-03 13:31:33

Anyone tried one of these?
they are blinking expensive

lilibet Fri 10-Oct-03 13:50:22

We have bey blades, and they bloody hurt when you stand onthem!
Never heard of v force, what is it?
On ebay they have electronic launchers!
I am so sad!!

codswallop Fri 10-Oct-03 13:54:53

they are rmeote controlled or summat. Bought on one on impulse - 30quid - thought would do for xmas but I need to decide whether to keep it.

codswallop Fri 10-Oct-03 13:57:41

I like bey blades actch - really good for coordination and ds1s head says that good arm strength makes you a better writer.

codswallop Mon 03-Nov-03 12:03:40

Ok i have now seen these in action. You launch it the normal way then use the r/c to turn it so it can avoid or attack oppenets. Looked relly good. Smuggles one in the bag for the dsses

WideWebWitch Tue 04-Nov-03 10:27:45

Is it a remote controlled one? Ds wants one for Christmas, are they worth the £30?! Surely not? That's EXTORTIONATE for a small bit of plastic!!

kayleigh Tue 04-Nov-03 10:29:43

And is it £30 just for the one? I'd need one each for ds1 and ds2.

codswallop Tue 04-Nov-03 11:11:53

yes I have got two but reckon on a few months peace. dragoon is the one to get apparently

codswallop Tue 30-Dec-03 09:02:02

ok htey have now got hem and love them - hours of fun as they battle against each other

a good buy

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