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Pushchair recommendations please :)

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pamplemousse Mon 04-Jul-11 19:37:13

Hello all.
My sister has a massive mamas and papas contraption that is very heavy and hard to steer.
She wants something that can be rear facing. Baby is 4 months, will be tall. Preferably with luggage space. Um she has no car so easy folding/tininess/lightness not essential. Must have swivel wheels and be manoeuvrable. Oh and less than £100.

Any ideas? My dd is 4 now and been out of pushchairs for ages so don't know what's around anymore. I had a n icandy cherry which I loved but it was when they first came out and the front wheels broke loads of times, so sold it and got a maclaren techno xt which I loved but not rear facing.

pamplemousse Mon 04-Jul-11 22:38:02

Oh please answer me ......

osd Mon 04-Jul-11 22:39:36

Bugaboo ebay, love it and you can get a bargain.

osd Mon 04-Jul-11 22:41:39

Oh mines a frog bought it from the states new as was cheaper than in uk cost £400 with postage, can be forward or rear facing. Light, good shopping basket, good fitting rain cover and is light and swivel wheels and suspension. And has done 3 children and i love it. smile

kalo12 Mon 04-Jul-11 22:45:46

well its not rear facing but mountain buggy swifts. can't recommend highly enough. read reviews on mountain buggies. rear facing is over rated imo. i mean you spend alot of time communicating with your baby during the day. .they need space too to look around and process things aswell.

mb is soooo easy to push, will last years - my 3.7 year old fits with loads of room spare, toddlers always sleep well in it, loads of space for shopping. All my firends have bought several prams for the baby's changing needs. I have never wanted for any other pram. it serves every purpose and i have tried out all my friends prams and nothing comes close.

i am expecting dc2 now, found a phil and teds abandoned and yet still can't bring myself to use it because nothing can top the mountain buggy

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