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Recommend me some Magic/'Hold me in' knickers!

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Pigleychez Fri 01-Jul-11 20:07:58

Need to hold in my 'Mummy Tummy' abit to make my new dress look lovely.

Any recommendations?
Is it worth spending abit more on a pair of Spanx or anyone have any fantastic alternatives?

iceandsliceplease Wed 13-Jul-11 16:53:36

I've tried Spanx and either I got it wrong, or bought the wrong size because they really didn't work for me. They didn't cinch me in very much, just kind of smoothed over the wobbly bits. Then five minutes after wrestling myself into them, the top would start rolling down so I'd end up with a slow reveal of muffin top to the world.
I got a miraclesuit waist cincher/torsette type thingy which was about £35 but so definitely worth it. It doesn't just hold everything in, it it actually really really improves my figure and It's a bit of a bugger to get on and off (hook & eye fastener) but I love it so much I'm going to buy another one, just in case something every happens to the first.

BLONDIEMUMMY Thu 14-Jul-11 03:39:57

Try the Gok Wan range, similarly priced as above but I've found them quite good smile

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