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Cereal storage - can you help?

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lisac Thu 09-Oct-03 19:12:45

Having found to my horror some insects in 5 month old DD2's baby rice box, I realised my larder cupboard was infested. Everything is now stored in jars, apart from the cereal.

Does anyone know where you can get large tupperware type containers suitable for storing (and pouring) cereal? I've always thought they look really naff, but now realise what a good idea they are! I've looked in some local kitchenware shops and Woolies but not found any big enough (eg for a 500g box of cereal).

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

jmg Thu 09-Oct-03 19:38:42

Lakeland plastics and sometimes QVC sell containers - I think they are called 'lock and lock' or 'click and lock' or something like that. They do lots of different sizes and some are definately big enough for cereal. Not very cheap though!

JanHR Thu 09-Oct-03 20:01:21

Try Tupperware

kmg1 Thu 09-Oct-03 20:28:25

Something like this from Lakeland We have some of these lock and lock containers from Lakeland - and like everything from them - they are good quality and "do what it says on the tin".

Warning: this website can seriously damage your bank account - or am I the only saddo who can spend a small fortune if let loose with Lakeland catalogue?!

Posey Thu 09-Oct-03 20:40:42

I got mine in John Lewis, but I'm pretty sure wonderful Woolies also sell them. Whole lid lifts up to fill them, then just a flip up bit for pouring them out.

kayleigh Thu 09-Oct-03 20:46:22

kmg1, my credit card statements are testament to the fact that, no you are definitely not the only one.

bunny2 Thu 09-Oct-03 21:31:53

Tupperware do great ones, I'm a convert after a biscuit beetle infestation in my alpen. Have Rentokill been in with there so indiscreet van just in case the neighbours are watching?

suzyj Thu 09-Oct-03 21:35:26

oooh lakeland catalogue.... i'm banned now, dh says feels there's no more room for clever plastic things in the house

lisac Fri 10-Oct-03 10:20:24

Thanks very much for all your advice - it is appreciated. I haven't seen the Lakeland site before, I hope it won't be the start of a long and happy relationship!

No Rentokil van, bunny2, but a long Sunday morning spent throwing away open packets, cleaning and disinfecting! Those lazy Sunday mornings in bed seem like a lifetime away these days..

suedonim Fri 10-Oct-03 12:19:51

KMG, I just ordered a "few" pounds worth of stuff from Lakeland yesterday!! They are also sending me an Xmas catalogue, (not sure why I hadn't had one already) which might mean another spend.

While we were in Indonesia I lurved getting the catalogues, they're so homely and Michelle's messages sound as though she's only speaking to you personally. God, I am such a saddo - better go and get myself a life, now......

janh Fri 10-Oct-03 13:37:00

lisa, I'm sure they had some in Sainsburys this week (I deffo saw them somewhere and I only went to Sainsbos and Tesco that day!)

lisac Sat 11-Oct-03 10:10:57

Thanks janh - will get down there today.

Paula71 Sun 12-Oct-03 20:27:32

Lisa, hope this isn't too late but ASDA have a container with a fill-top pouring lid for about £3. Its by rubbermaid so quite good quality and it takes over 500g of cereal.

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