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Take That Concert

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takethatgirl Thu 23-Jun-11 13:57:58

I am a huge TT fan and bought tickets for the first night concert in Glasgow. A friend of mine that I didn't really know very well asked if I could phone up and book two for her as she didn't have enough in her bank account but was desperate to go. After much deliberating I went ahead and bought the tickets (with the understanding that she would pay me for them)!

As time passed I began to see less and less of her and now (with the concert looming tomorow - Hampden in Glasgow) I am left with two unwanted tickets and am not able to go myself.

They cost £120 and if anyone wants them that's all I'll sell them for, I wish I could go but can't sad (it really was an amazing concert!)

I can meet to drop them off as there is no posting time (I know it's last minute but a work friend was going to take them but backed out this morning grrr)

I 'm sorry if this isn't in the right place, or if I'm even allowed to advertise!!!

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