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NEXT clothes - no size 18-24 months this season...

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CnR Mon 06-Oct-03 15:27:46

...which is just great as DD is now 18 months! The 12-18 monh size is now too small, but the 2 years a bit too long in the legs and arms. This season the store isn't doing the middle size at all. We normally like NEXT for DD too

There must be plenty of people in the same dliemma so thought I woiuld let people know about this bizarre marketing idea.

I did ask to for an address to complain to in the shop but the assistant refused - saying that so many had already done so they are bring it back for the next season. Doesn't really help me and DD though does it. Might write to customer services anyway just to make sure!

WSM Mon 06-Oct-03 16:08:14

I saw that too CnR. I thought it was just that I was too late and/or the staff had neglected to put them out. Why have they done this ???

codswallop Mon 06-Oct-03 16:16:35

I remember them doing this for a different age - was it ehn they went doem 2-3 to just 2. or 3.

ALos M and S boys wear overlaps at the 4 year old range and the baby aged 4 trousers are a different length to the big boy aged 4 range.

GeorginaA Mon 06-Oct-03 16:22:19

Mothercare are the same at the moment. Although ds is 2.5 years old, he's only just gone into 18mth-2yr clothes. They had 2 jumpers in his size in Mothercare! I keep popping in to see if they have any more (I really need 5 in total to keep ontop of the washing - he always gets his clothes filthy!) and they just don't seem to get any

Plus they only sell baby clothes online and not the toddler clothes - most frustrating!

codswallop Mon 06-Oct-03 16:24:51

ds1 is tall and skinnt, currnetly in ma nd ssize 3- 4 he is5.

They have slim waists

CnR Mon 06-Oct-03 16:28:46

WSM - I only realised when I went to Next with the intention of getting DD new clothes for the autumn/winter. I saw there were no 18-24 months out, so took what I fancied getting tot he counter to get them to check if they had any 18-24 month size in stock. That's when the assistant said there were none made. No reason as to why - that is why I thought I would write to Customer Services to complain and get a reason. I have checked in the Directory too and there are none there either.

GeorginaA - I think Mothercare still do some of this size. I got DD a couple of pretty tops from there in the sale last week at 1.5-2 years size. I would ask at the counter if in doubt as they don't always seem to have the whole stock out.

Such a pain as I like Next children's clothes and have always found them pretty hard wearing and a good price. Will have to do a bit more looking around this time I guess.

Chinchilla Mon 06-Oct-03 20:26:59

They haven't done them for a while. I asked at my branch, and was told that it is thought that babies don't grow enough during that age to warrant new clothes! My ds had outgrown his 12-18 month trousers, but the age 2 ones are too long and big around the waist! As the Americans would say...'You do the math'

misdee Mon 06-Oct-03 21:32:07

can i recommend george at asda to u girls. the clothes are reasonably priced, good sizes and wash fairly well (tho no where near as good as next). I cant belive they arent doing 18-24months clothes. thats madness. i have a dress for my dd2 from there aged 18-24months which fits fairly well, tho she is just outgrowing it, so looks like i'll still be able to get clothes to fit her which is good for me, but bad news for lots of other people. my dd1 was in the 18-24month clothes bracket for ages, just doesnt make sense not to make this size. if theres not much demand for it then make less of the size not get rid of it all together.

Chinchilla Mon 06-Oct-03 21:34:05

I already buy at George Misdee. They always sell out really quickly I find, but I have found some good things. I also like Adams.

CnR Mon 06-Oct-03 21:34:22

misdee - I go there too, especially for extra clothes for DD at nursery. They do some excellently priced t-shirts that look nice too. They are such good value that it doesn't matter if they get covered in paint at nursery! I also gtot DD some dungree and top sets (£8 a set I think) for nursery too. Thought she could wear the paint stained t-shirts under the dungarees!!!

CnR Mon 06-Oct-03 21:37:07

Had some good deals at Gap this week too. Our two local stores always have sale sections where the clothes are really discounted and make the clothes more reasonable. Got DD a lovely skirt and some t-shirts last week. Mind I did get her a lovely woolen poncho too that I couldn't resist. Wasn't quite as discounted though (did get £5 off)

We also have an S R Gent factory shop which sells lots of discounted Osh Kosh B'Gosh clothes. DD has had some noce stuff from there too when I make the effort to get there.

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