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Advice on playpens

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dadnew Tue 31-May-11 10:08:13

We are looking to buy a playpen for our 8 week old DS.

Our house is across two floors and we have a nice cot bed for him upstairs along with a small play-mat to frolic around. However, we want to get something for downstairs where he can stay and entertain himself while we are in the kitchen or doing stuff around the house. It obviously will have limited utility at this young age but we think that it will come in handy as he grows up to crawling age.

We are looking at a couple of options (keeping in mind that our?s is a small cottage and we can?t afford a huge space for the big playpens):
1. Geuther Lucy Playpen ? 70x100 cm, comes with castors/wheels, and looks easily foldable
2. Babydan Felix Playpen ? 100x100 cm, no wheels, but looks sturdier than the above
Both of them have adjustable heights and are available to purchase online.

Has anyone had experience with these two playpens? Any reviews/comments would be very welcome.


HarrietJones Tue 31-May-11 18:04:08

We have the baby dan hexagon one as you can use it as a pen or room divider or currently we are using half as a fireguard & half as a door barrier

kes44p Wed 22-Jun-11 18:38:35

I have the hexagonal babyDans too, 1 as a room divider, 1 fireguard and 2 as playpens. They're great and (4 years ago) easy enough to pick up as a bargain on Ebay.

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