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Felicity Wishes

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Posey Thu 02-Oct-03 20:51:25

Anyone got girls into Felicity Wishes? (or pink/fairy stuff)
Today I was in Boots and they had FW hot water bottle covers/pyjama cases, pale pink heart shaped with a FW doll with wand, crown, wings etc sew on the front and a teenyweeny notebook. Couldn't see a price so went to get a price check.
Bought 3 for dd and a couple of friends for Chrimbo.

Get yourselves down to Boots girls before they sell out! (or realise they've been priced wrong!)

candy Fri 03-Oct-03 20:23:21

ooh fantastic - forget the daughters, I lurve Felicity Wishes - and the shops aren't open now! I'll have to make sure I'm up early in the morning!

candy Sat 04-Oct-03 16:09:41

very peeved! They were £12 in Boots in Birmingham!

tamum Sat 04-Oct-03 16:27:04

And completely absent in Edinburgh!

Posey Sat 04-Oct-03 21:51:27

Just reread message (not that it makes a huge amount of difference) and they're actually star shaped not hearts. God knows howw dd has managed to turn out so bright since I don't even know my shapes.
Anyway sorry to hear Brum and Edinburgh were no go. They're now no go in Islington too since all dd's friends mums have bought them all

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