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Mattresses: we've made our bed...

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motherinferior Thu 02-Oct-03 15:20:58

Our mattress is driving me nuts. DP, blast I mean bless him, came home with a new bed recently. Fine, and lovely, except that it has a cheap and horrible lumpy mattress which is starting to make my flesh crawl whenever I go to bed.

What would you lovely people recommend?

ThomCat Thu 02-Oct-03 15:23:15

A new mattress!

motherinferior Thu 02-Oct-03 15:27:00

Yes, even I'd worked that out . Meant to say, any opinions from your wide knowledge of ahem mattress pressing?

ThomCat Thu 02-Oct-03 15:31:53

Sorry - I'm in a thank criunchie it's Friday mood! Thursday are my Fridays as I dodn't work so......... I can be of no use to you but will watch thread with interest as i need a new mattress too - back is killing me.

beetroot Thu 02-Oct-03 15:37:12

Message withdrawn

motherinferior Thu 02-Oct-03 18:56:03

Bed from cheapo shop round the corner. He arrived with it one afternoon, saying I owed him half the money. I love dp dearly but even so...

Litvinoff and Fawcett have good reputation.

janh Thu 02-Oct-03 19:35:25

motherinferior, Argos do mattresses by description, but you really need to lie on them to see what they feel like...if it's a really cheapo one, could you scrap it and start again??? Go to a proper shop and lie on all the beds? Cheap beds/mattresses are OK-ish for little kids but not for adults.

(I got 2 brilliant mattresses for the DDs from Freemans, when I had my 20% off first order + 10% commission, they are good quality orthopaedic mattresses and only cost about £90 each. DD1's mattress in her student house was disgusting so we took her mattress from home and have the horrid one here under DD2's bed.)

florenceuk Fri 03-Oct-03 09:39:57

We have latex mattress from John Lewis (Dunpillo??? something like that). Other people who have slept on it often comment on how comfortable it was! Don't get firm version though unless you have very bad back.

codswallop Fri 03-Oct-03 09:40:56

we have a pillow that is one of those space age ones that moulds to your head - cant remember the brand name - suposed to be good for dhs neck

codswallop Fri 03-Oct-03 09:44:22

here it is withpeter stringfellow modelling it

WSM Fri 03-Oct-03 09:53:28

BLOODY HELL ! How much ???? I've just worked out that they'll take you for £3500, if you use their 'handy' (arf!) payment plan of £1,125 deposit and 24 montly payment of £99 !!!!!

alibubbles Fri 03-Oct-03 10:58:49

We paid £3500 for our bed, ( although it is £5000 in John Lewis, we got it on an offer locally, but told not to tell JLP as they'd lose the franchise!) it is a ViSpring and is the best investment we ever made. Considering you sleep on it for 10 hours everyday, for at least 10 years it is worth it.

When my kids get in sometimes or lie on it, they always say can't we have a bed like this, it's so comfy. I can't feel DH turnover as it has independent mattresses zipped together on a base. You can't feel the join either.

luchar Fri 03-Oct-03 12:30:12

Google 'Relaxan' - I got one a few months ago for £170 and free delivery and it really is lovely. My sister recommended it and she loves hers too. They are Italian I think and have a 10 or 12 year guarantee. Can't recommend it enough!

dadslib Fri 03-Oct-03 12:51:11

Message withdrawn

dadslib Fri 03-Oct-03 12:54:30

Message withdrawn

motherinferior Fri 03-Oct-03 20:00:38

Thank you. Very much. I don't think we can scrap the bed, and as a basic frame it's OK, but we do need a proper, good mattress. Will update and let you know.

It really is quite vile, you know, it makes me dread bed-time at the moment.

motherinferior Fri 03-Oct-03 20:02:00

Oh, and the bed itself wasn't cheap, or not by my standards - about £250. Quite.

hoxtonchick Fri 03-Oct-03 20:07:15

Hey, MI, Livintoff & Fawcett are just down the road from us. Great shop, though I think it's closed at the moment. They have a yard just behind which they are operating from. I'm trying to justify buying a new bed from there, but can't really as we got one from Warren Evans 3 years ago & it's actually pretty good.

motherinferior Fri 03-Oct-03 20:13:17

Decent prices at L&F too.

I am actually rather cross about this whole bed thing, but am trying just to get on with it.

Cam Sat 04-Oct-03 12:44:26

dadslib do you work at Beds-R-Us

WideWebWitch Sat 04-Oct-03 21:07:51

I agree about not scrapping the bed but getting a decent mattress really is worth it. I bought ours from a friend (I knew it had been little used in a spare room and was quite an expensive one) and the difference between it and our old knackered one was amazing. So I reckon it's really worth spending some money and getting a good one. It's made a difference to my back too. Sorry, no recommendations other than do spend some proper money if you can.

dadslib Mon 06-Oct-03 08:55:08

Message withdrawn

Tissy Mon 06-Oct-03 09:05:13

Codswallop, we've got a Tempur mattress (though didn't pay £3500 for it)and it's superb, worth every penny. Has a 15 year guarantee. Only problem is you can't bounce on it!

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