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School water bottles

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FlorenceMattell Wed 25-May-11 12:52:11

Our school water bottles are compulsory. That is we must use them not
our own.
They are clear plastic with a narrow neck.
Triangle 1 - This is single use only.
They are not for use in the dish washer.
I am not happy for several reasons:-
• They are difficult to clean. I am sure the majority of parents are unaware of need to clean them with mild detergent daily. To avoid bacteria building up inside. Even though only used for water, bacteria enter from child's mouth and multiply on this type of plastic.
• They have not been tested for repeated use and washing more than once, certainly no research has been done on chemical that will leak out when used repeatedly hundreds of times over school year.
• Only a small percentage of plastic is recycled most ends up on landfill sites. So bad for the environment.
There is alot of research indicating that plastic are responsible for cancer, infertility etc. I am not saying this plastic bottle would do that, but there has been no research.
Hundreds of schools in the UK use these bottles. So thousands of children are at risk of potential disease.
I have approached the food standards agency and other bodies but nobody seems interested.
Are there any other mums out there who share my concerns and would join me in pushing for research into these bottles and the general cleaning advice given to parents?

walesblackbird Wed 25-May-11 12:53:30

I bought my son one - he'd managed to lose it within a matter of days.

Now we stick to cheaper, shop bought ones that I can replace regularly!

FlorenceMattell Wed 25-May-11 13:16:47

Hi Wales
Unfortunately alot of school stipulate that parents have to use their bottle only. That is the problem.

Yeni Tue 07-Jun-11 14:05:05

Have you contacted the school and raised your concerns? I send DD to school with either a sigg or a stainless steel bottle so that she avoids plastics. What is the school's reasoning behind this policy? I assume they want clear bottles so that they can see what is inside. The bottles could be filled at school to get round the problem of children bringing in juice. I would make them aware of the fact that these bottles are for one use only.

It does seem a silly policy, particularly now that people are more aware of chemicals in the plastics. Lots of products are now labelled 'BPA free, Pthalate free' and I'm sure the manufacturers wouldn't bother if there wasn't the demand.

I think that if schools are going to force you to use their own bottles they could have steel ones with the school logo on for you to buy, but then not everybody is in a position to pay for those sort of extras. Do you have to buy the plastic ones?

FlorenceMattell Tue 07-Jun-11 14:37:22

Hi Yeni

I was using a Sigg bottle.And told by the school not acceptable.
The Sigg bottles last years, the plastic ones only weeks. They are plastic bottle with school logo on. But the plastic is triangle 1. I contacted various bodies but nobody interested, ie education authority and food standard agency. These bottle have not been tested for repeated use and also most parents just rinse them no idea that you need to wash in soapy water each day etc.

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