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Cotton sleepsuits with 'feet' for walkers in training!

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LucieB Fri 26-Sep-03 09:39:59

Does anyone know where I could get some cotton sleepsuits for my 13 month old which have those rubber bits on the feet to stop him slipping when he tries to walk? Have seen some in Mothercare but they all seem to be polyester and thick fleecy material.
Any recommendations would be gratefully received.

CountessDracula Fri 26-Sep-03 09:42:14

Gap do sweet pyjamas instead with no feet (better than those grippy things IMO as little feet can grip better.)

Plus you can probably buy those Totes socks with the grippy bottoms which he could wear over the babygros you already have.

LucieB Fri 26-Sep-03 09:45:29

Thanks - perhaps I will have a trip to Gap at the weekend then. Hoping they will have a sale on as do find their kiddies stuff a bit overpriced although their sales come round very regularly - doesn't ever seem any point in buying things full price!

misdee Fri 26-Sep-03 09:46:13

mayber vertabet? (sp?). they do some lovely pj's and sleepsuits. tho i would jump pop him in pj's and let his feet do the gripping.

bobsmum Fri 26-Sep-03 09:59:36

How about this form Mothercare. They do a Tigger one too.

WSM Fri 26-Sep-03 10:02:27

Mothercare also do 2 piece 'big boy/girls' pj's (top and trousers rather than all in one).

LucieB Fri 26-Sep-03 10:12:06

Was looking for something with feet in as he kicks his covers off at night and then wakes up when he is cold. He also pulls socks off!

bobsmum Fri 26-Sep-03 11:08:46

eek - has my link to MC gone awol? It was called a "walk-in" sleepsuit and had rubbery bits on the feet.

LucieB Fri 03-Oct-03 09:18:23

Just to let you know - found some sleepsuits with the rubber bits on the feet in Gap and they were in the sale too!

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