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Boring tumble dryer question

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Gem13 Fri 19-Sep-03 11:35:11

Does anyone know if there's a difference in the effectiveness between condensing tumble dryers and vented ones?

We are in the process of buying a TD and moving to a house where there isn't a vent (although we could probably put one in) and so are looking at condensing TD.

When we had a washer/dryer the clothes came out all sort of sweaty rather than fresh and fluffy and so I've always been a bit against the idea. My mum's clothes (vented TD) smell as if they've been on the line.

Sorry, I did warn you it was boring!

Bogwoppit Fri 19-Sep-03 11:41:18

i have a condenser tumble dryer & providing you empty the water resevoir regularly it dries clothes wonderfully. Much better than our old washer/dryer.
don't know about vented dryers - never had one & no means of venting one in this house.

marthamoo Fri 19-Sep-03 11:42:12

We've had a condensing tumble dryer (Creda, dead cheap) for 3 years - it's great: clothes are dry and fluffy, definitely not sweaty! Would recommend one as you can put them anywhere - ours was in a cubby hole at the top of the cellar stairs in our old house.

Just don't forget to empty it!

scottiebabe Fri 19-Sep-03 11:45:48

i think vented is better - when we briefly had a condenser clothes never felt "nice" and actually after a couple of months could not stand it and sold the condenser one and bought vented have had a creda one for years! would buy same model if it packed up as its been so great but its not really the answer you were looking for is it - sorry

Bogwoppit Fri 19-Sep-03 11:50:35

I empty after a couple of loads - before the warnign light comes on. it is far ebtter then. also keep the fluff filters clean cos that makes it work better too.

ours is a hoover6 series - 6kg load which is great. Bit more expensive than some, but we wanted the big drum size.

Janstar Fri 19-Sep-03 11:52:03

I've been using tumble driers for years especially when I was a landlady, I had two that were on all day. These were vented. I've used condensing ones twice when on holiday and there was no comparison. The condensing ones took much longer to dry the clothes and I hate to think of the electricity consumption. Vented ones are fast and fresh as long as you follow these rules, first, do not put more than about 1/3 capacity of drum in clothes in at once, and secondly clean the filters often.

Gem13 Fri 19-Sep-03 11:53:50

I think we can put a vent in so it's not necessarily a big deal. I just didn't want to waffle on in a clueless way about how vented ones were so much better if the builder (house is nearly finished being converted) thought I was being useless and demanding for no reason!

janh Fri 19-Sep-03 13:04:14

Hi, Gem. I just bought a new one this week - the old one was vented through a hole in the wall so it seemed logical to get another vented one (also a bit cheaper) but when the bloke delivered it I mentioned that I'd been thinking of getting a condenser and he said they're excellent. Mind you men don't notice things like fresh clothes do they?

Bought it from Comet on the internet btw, I can actually recommend them! The website is well designed, lots of model information, it tells you before you order what delivery slots are available in your area and then when you order you can pick one that suits.

I ordered Sunday and had a choice of deliveries from Tuesday (chose Wed morning). Delivery was £11.99 for a whole day slot or £14.99 for 8-1 or 2-forget, but the Creda condenser one I was looking at was on free delivery. Have a look : Comet dryers

dadslib Fri 19-Sep-03 13:48:23

Message withdrawn

astonmartin Fri 19-Sep-03 13:54:49

we have a candy condensor tumble dryer. I love the condenser idea and its great but if you buy 1 DONT buy CANDY we had to have an engineer out 4 times for the same fault the heater on them burns out the engineer has said its a very common fault on them.

The great thing about condenser's is that you can place then any where because the dont need to be vented

aloha Fri 19-Sep-03 14:43:28

I've never had a vented dryer, but worship my condensor dryer (Candy). I've only had it a few months but it works really well, clothes are fresh and soft and DON'T NEED IRONING - hooray! So I love mine and plan to be buried next to it when the time comes

janh Fri 19-Sep-03 15:06:04

dadslib, you forgot Creda! The one I've just got is my 3rd in 20 years, they are v good.

LIZS Fri 19-Sep-03 15:25:30

We bought a really cheap White Knight (related to Whirlpool) vented one which was good, operated happily in garage and didn't really have a venting problem especially if the hose was put near ajar door. Seems reliable - had 3 years of our use plus 2 of tenants use so far. Currently using a Bosch condensor in rented accommodation. However it is in a very enclosed space with w/machine and boiler. The atmosphere gets very humid and I suspect it is not as efficient as it could be as a result. Clothes feel moist to touch on first opening door but soon dry off as they cool. Condensor definitely takes longer to dry a load.


Gem13 Fri 19-Sep-03 20:30:59

Thanks all.

How about Miele though? My Miele washing machine is fab

janh Fri 19-Sep-03 20:53:19

Very very fab no doubt but very very expensive. There are 2 on the Comet site, one of each kind, nearly £600 and over £700, whaddya reckon? (Most of the others are either side of £200...)

Gem13 Fri 19-Sep-03 21:11:32

OK, wishful thinking

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