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anyone tried "twist and shape" exercise machine?

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daisy1999 Mon 24-Oct-05 09:30:23

Seen this on shopping channels (I know!!) wondered if anyone had any opinions?

daisy1999 Mon 24-Oct-05 09:46:27


daisy1999 Mon 24-Oct-05 10:17:58

nobody cares about my saggy bum

hayleylou Mon 24-Oct-05 10:22:16

i have been wondering myself. My friend has one but is being used as a door stop

daisy1999 Mon 24-Oct-05 10:23:26

she uses her saggy bum as a doorstop!!!
well really ! you ask for help and all you get are insults

hayleylou Mon 24-Oct-05 10:28:15

lol you get the gist

daisy1999 Tue 25-Oct-05 16:23:38

is there a difference between the "twist and shape" and the "lateral thigh trainer"?

hayleylou Thu 27-Oct-05 13:19:31

not sure really, I think they are both the same by the pitcure's I've seen

daisy1999 Fri 28-Oct-05 14:05:22

well I've gone and bought a "twist and shape". I'll let you know if my saggy bum disappears!

piffle Fri 28-Oct-05 14:06:53

get a flexi bar
worth the money truly amazing, I have a waist and a nearly flat tummy after 3 weeks...

DaddyGhoul Fri 28-Oct-05 14:17:41

just bought one. DW will be pleased with the last posting. it's currently collecting dust.

busybusybee Fri 28-Oct-05 14:19:09

Piffle -What is a flexi bar??????????? Is it really that good?

diva4mgl Fri 28-Oct-05 18:05:20

piffle r u there???

daisy1999 Fri 28-Oct-05 18:28:53

come on piffle - what is it?

piffle Fri 28-Oct-05 23:02:07
wayne rooneys bird was seen brandishing one so it must be cool...
daddy sell it on ebay they are going for decent return

diva4mgl Sat 29-Oct-05 16:09:37

r u selling yours???

Furball Sat 29-Oct-05 16:39:38

Blimey - they're a bit pricey, 70 quid?

DaddyGhoul Sat 29-Oct-05 17:07:04

no! i'm not selling ours, we've only just bought it!

yes, they are quite pricey but they're a proper little piece of kit. quite good quality actually. bloody heavy little thing. i told dw about piffles comment and she's dedicated herself to using it now.

diva4mgl Sat 29-Oct-05 21:40:23

let us know the result??? will you???
sounds good but will wait for a few comments i think

piffle Sun 30-Oct-05 20:50:32

honestly a gym membership costs... £35 pcm, it takes 15 mins 3 x a week MAXIMUM it hasn't done massive changes, just whipped in my waist, toned up arms and sent packing my persistent chronic neck pain (flexi was recommended by my physio - best money I spent as I was spending £28 a fortnight on an osteopath!
My posture has improved and I feel more flexible.
Bargain if you think about it, plus if you hate it, whip it on ebay LOL

diva4mgl Mon 31-Oct-05 18:15:58

thnx piffle,
tbh with 6 months old i have no time for exersize,so i thought it could be good. i have ab toner, bike, and lots more but i havent got time. to ride bike for good result i have to spend at least one hour on the bike every day, but seems all these things out of the window.
i checked on web, says it only needs 15 min 3x a week, which sounds good.
diva xx

smw9927 Sat 05-Nov-05 09:44:12

Where did you buy the flexi bar from? I had a look on the website and there are a few retailers listed but I can't seem to find out how to buy one from their websites. Does it come with instructions and a DVD or video demonstrating how to use it effectively (I'd imagine that it would be easy to use it wrongly) if you can't get to a place wher they can teach you how to use it?

diva4mgl Fri 11-Nov-05 18:08:30


Suki51 Sun 27-May-18 16:17:57

Hi I'm thinking of buying one so I'm wondering how did you get on with your twist and shape? Flabby bum gone? 😀

SmartyPants0 Sun 24-Jun-18 15:37:10

I know this is an old thread but wanted to know other peoples opinions on the twist and shape or better still an update on Daisy's saggy bum 😀

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