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Moses Basket Covers - Where can I buy them?

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babygibbon Thu 20-Oct-05 16:08:51

We've just bought a second hand moses basket, but the covers have a stain on. I thought it'd be easy to get spare covers, but they seem to come with moses baskets rather than on their own. Does anyone know where I can get hold of some? I've tried the high street and done a google search without any luck.

Thank you!

ionaming Thu 20-Oct-05 21:45:58

Hiya, had the same problem in the past & came across this lady who makes them to order:

Her name is Muriel Arthur & she runs a company called Cosy Tots. Email is or her phone number is 0191 416 7639. She's fab, very friendly & reasonable prices. She made the liner/drapey thingy for me that goes under the mattress & then drapes over the side. Also, some fitted sheets & little quilt cover thingy. I found her invaluable for making fitted sheets for an odd sized cot too! She sends you diagrams & gets you to measure your basket at various points & mark these on the diagrams & post back to her. She also sends you different fabric samples to choose from. Couldn't recommend her highly enough!

Nemo666 Thu 20-Oct-05 21:48:41

i saw some on ebay today for about £2

babygibbon Mon 24-Oct-05 13:41:35

Thank you - I'm off to hunt some down on ebay, failing that, we'll get them made.

victor123 Wed 14-Aug-13 21:08:57

We got a hand made mosses basket cover from Yvonne’s Curtains in Morecambe. It is a little old lady who makes them for the travelling community. If you like one offs then she is the person to see, I think she is on Yorkshire Street.

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