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marthamoo Sun 14-Sep-03 13:19:58

Can anyone recommend a good one, under £10, that doesn't
A) go claggy after a few weeks
B) Leave me looking panda eyed by the evening

(tall order I know!)

singingmum Sun 14-Sep-03 13:28:12

Avon do wonderful mascaras.I use them and as I don't wear make up often it's important that they don't go funny.Also they do a waterprof one that is excellent.If you don't have a rep then there is a website that I believe you can buy directly from.
Hope it works for you I know what a nightmare it is especially at a wedding or big occasion to look like a panda.

codswallop Sun 14-Sep-03 13:39:27

lancome waterproof but..? 12 quid. i guarantee no panda eyes.

codswallop Sun 14-Sep-03 13:42:08

here it is

wiltshire Sun 14-Sep-03 19:29:37

Max factor from the calorie 2000 range

lilibet Sun 14-Sep-03 19:30:54

What about having your eyelashes dyed?
Costs less than tenner and lasts about 6 week, no hassle with panda eyes or removers that dont remove. Brilliant!

lou33 Sun 14-Sep-03 19:48:44

I agree about Avon, they have quite a few different types of mascara. I order online.

doormat Sun 14-Sep-03 19:55:07

I agree with singingmum and Lou33 Avon do really good mascaras.No panda eyes.I get mine off a lady up our street.

ANGELMOTHER Sun 14-Sep-03 20:08:12

Have to agree with Lillibet. I remember the first time I had my eyelashes tinted, it stung sooo much I thought I would never see again, but it is one of those things that has amzing results.
It's cheap lasts approx 6 weeks, just curl and go

ForestFly Sun 14-Sep-03 20:55:39

If you have your eyelashes dyed can you do it in black, or do you always end up looking like a makeup addict?

WideWebWitch Sun 14-Sep-03 21:11:33

I quite like 2000 calorie Mascara. Can't think who makes it but Boots have it. (anyone read Erica Jong on the subject of make up as sex/food substitute btw?) Ah, just noticed wiltshire recommended it too, so I second that. Estee Lauder's More Than Mascara is fab too but £15

mammya Sun 14-Sep-03 21:17:49

I like 2000 Calories mascara as well. Had my eyelashes dyed a couple of times (in brown) but it just stings too much.

marthamoo Sun 14-Sep-03 23:03:32

Thanks everyone,

I hadn't thought of Avon and when I looked on their website they have got loads of offers on at the moment so I've requested a catalogue - glad they don't insist on that "ding dong, Avon calling" anymore!

Will also look in Boots at the Max Factor one, just blew my points on the new L'Oreal double ended one though so may have to *save up*. The L'Oreal one is pants btw, no panda eyes, but has gone claggy in no time. Plus kept forgetting had to do two coats and going out looking like I'd Tippexed my eyelashes - not a good look

Oooh so tempted by Lancome and Estee Lauder...(thanks for link Coddy) but I dunno, £10 is pretty steep..once you start climbing above that...

Haven't read Erica Jong but it sounds very feasible - my *thing* is cosmetics and toiletries (some women it's shoes, go figure). Find it very hard to go in Boots without buying something and would love to have bathroom cabinet filled with Clinique, Stila, Urban Decay etc. Unfortunately more likely to be Body Shop, Maybelline and Rimmel at the moment.

Nickynoodle Sun 14-Sep-03 23:22:52

We should have a makeup party!

codswallop Tue 16-Sep-03 09:43:40

In the beayty pages they always reckon on Maybelline

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