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Litaf Seat2Go Buggy Board

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twiglett Sun 14-Sep-03 10:46:05

message withdrawn

EmmaTMG Sun 14-Sep-03 17:10:34

We had one and it was a pain on the arse!
it's so far from the actual buggy/pram that it kmakes it really uncomfortable to walk. Also DS1 always wanted to stand on the top step which eventually broke the whole thing.........we now have a normal buggy board as I have found LOADS easier to use.

twiglett Sun 14-Sep-03 18:36:36

message withdrawn

EmmaTMG Sun 14-Sep-03 19:34:19

I'm 5'4" so maybe the 4 inches between us would make a difference.
Trying to think of something witty and funny to add here but failing miserably!

2under2 Thu 18-Sep-03 20:27:25

twiglett, 'Which?' magazine did a test on baby stuff a while ago and really slagged the Litaf thingy off - something along the lines of it being flimsy and unsafe etc.

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