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Calling any Australians - birthday present dilemma

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Claireandrich Sat 13-Sep-03 15:02:26

Hi, I wondered if any Australians on Mumsnet might be able to give me some advice. My BIL's girlfriend's birthday is fast arriving and I need to sort her present out. I was hoping to get her something like hand made make-up/skin care (LUSH style) or some nice perfume.

I have tried LUSH but you hace to have a USA/Australian or NZ address to join first (could do BIL if only resort). Does anyone have any suggestions of other websites I could use for similar types of products? I want to be able to ship direct to them obviously (near Sydney). I need to buy this week really too.

Thanks in advance.


eidsvold Sat 13-Sep-03 15:25:35

You could try starting


here and do a search from there....

If all else fails and you really want lush - use BIL's address

Claireandrich Sat 13-Sep-03 16:36:48

Cheers. Will have a look.

bloss Sun 14-Sep-03 01:09:33

Message withdrawn

bloss Sun 14-Sep-03 01:10:27

Message withdrawn

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