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Marks & Spencer trouser lengths?????

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Tinker Mon 17-Oct-05 14:49:55

What would regular mean to you? I'm 5'6", not long-legged. Was bought some trousers for birthday - wrong size . Changed them assuming regular = fine. Wore them Sat evening (couple of hours). Were pi$$ing me off because were riding up my calf. Now M&S won't exchange for long because say have been worn. (I know they have so don't shout at me.) Just aarrrgggghhhing at their stupid sizes/lenghths in first place.

RachD Mon 17-Oct-05 14:56:24

I wear M&S 'short' - being only 5'2'' - they fit perfectly.
At 5'6'', I would have assumed you need the 'long'.
Did the regular look o.k. when you first tried them on ?

Tinker Mon 17-Oct-05 14:58:57

I never need long, really am not long-legged, 5' 6" is average, non? Length ok when tried on without shoes. Grr. Being bootcut, I wore boots with them. How stupid of me. Actually, didn't really check length, more hips/bum etc. Boyfriend had bought me a bigger size

Bewitched Mon 17-Oct-05 15:56:48

I'm 5ft 7 and would expect to wear regular, not long. But M&S sizing is crap from start to finish. Expect you could pick up another pair in exactly the same size and find that they were 6 inches longer.

That's M&S for you. Nice practical stuff, but NEVER buy anything from them without trying it first.

buffytheharpsichordcarrier Mon 17-Oct-05 16:02:48

am v surprised - I am 5'6" and regular have ALWAYS been fine for me
long I would have thought for taller than 5'7"

Jbck Mon 17-Oct-05 18:56:00

I'm 5'3" & buy M&S regular. I do have long legs for my height tho' I've a 30" inside leg (give or take a couple of mm's). Marks short is about 27/28 & regular is 30 iirc.

LIZS Mon 17-Oct-05 19:07:38

Did they have lycra in them - find they can ride up a bit especially if I'm sitting for long. Would have thought regular was fine. I got short Per Una jeans the other week and I'm about a 28" inside leg. Wouldn't guarantee consistency across all the ranges though.

Tinker Mon 17-Oct-05 19:44:36

Yes, they do have lycra in them and are Per Una. Partner is going to try another branch

Lonelymum Mon 17-Oct-05 19:48:09

I am 5' 8" with quite long legs so I would always go for a "long" size in M&S but they are usually generous on me so if you are 5' 6" I would have thought regular was right for you.

suedonim Mon 17-Oct-05 20:39:10

I'm 5'6 and always wear long, whatever the make. Anything shorter ends up round my knees!

S2SPS Wed 08-Nov-17 01:18:16

Bought a regular 12, wearing a reg 14 getting too big due to weight loss. Got home, trouser length 4 inches (10cm!) too long! Went back, selected a "short", clearly too short so grabbed another "regular" off the rail, compared the returning regular with the replacement regular and there is a 5cm difference! Standards gone to pot. Tried emailing head office, no response. The answer is, if you don't have time to try, don't buy. A 14 reg wide leg pant, destined for work was 20cm too long and slid over my hips - now at local charity shop marked as a 16-18 long as I hadn't managed to return in time. Beware!

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