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M&P Primo Viaggio Car seat - compatible with Peugeot 206?

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mazzymc Thu 11-Sep-03 19:09:59

Hi! I'm 20 wks pregnant and learning to drive at the same time (scarey). I want to buy a Peugeot 206 but does anyone know if the Mamas and Papas Primo Viaggio car seat goes with it? Also, for any 206 owners, which M&P's prams/travel systems fit in the boot?? Is the 206 good as a small car for little families...??!

misdee Thu 11-Sep-03 19:26:32

if u're getting a brand spanking new 206 they come with isofix i believe...........

i want one!!

mazzymc Thu 11-Sep-03 19:47:51

Nah ! Can only afford a 206 that is a few yrs old

misdee Thu 11-Sep-03 19:56:53

so can i, unless i starve myself and live without electricity or gas for a year......

mmmm tempting!!

have u already got the car seat? if not it could be wise to find out if its compatable b4 u buy it, 206 boot space is not that big but dunno how big M&P system is. get the measurements of the system u want (collasped), take it to the peaugot dealer and measure the boot. mad i know, but if u are buying a car u need to make sure u can fit the buggy in the boot. fortunatly i have a nice little graco citisport which fits most car boots taking up hardly any space.

mazzymc Thu 11-Sep-03 20:03:04

Haven't bought anything yet !! Just getting completely confused by the variety of baby stuff. There is such a thing as too much choice...

sliverx2 Fri 12-Sep-03 09:38:19

I believe the mamas & papas carseat ( i have one )fits any car but to be on the safe side check frist. Now about pushchairs you could buy the new pliko p3 it's very luxury small conpacted stroller ( i have one of these too ) very well paded very situable for a new bron, in the past i've had a m&p 3 in 1 never go there again, as carry cot is'nt small by any means to store, as once the baby begins to roll over its seat unit here we come, which will be around 3 months, so you've spent lots of money on a carry cot just for 3 months no thanks you baby already expansive as it is, 2 in 1 are good bascaliy just the seat unit but me personaliy would go for a freestyler ( more conpacted/slimer than a 2 in 1 )or pliko p3 both with car seat or navetta ( me oot would have both ) all made by mamas.

I'll some it up for you!!
I have had a 3 in 1 never again couldn't fit it in any one's boot, my MIL had to pick me up in the mini-bus they have, it was that bad.
2 in 1 good for money.
Freestyler fixed seat, great more conpacted than a 2 in 1.
Pliko p3 great cant say any thing bad about it. my grans got a very small car dont know what it is myself, all i know is it a 3 door, i cant fit my freestyler in it but i can my pliko p3, i would hate to think if i had the 3 in 1 or 2 in 1 still

If/when i have another baby i would get myself a pliko p3 with car saet and navetta, a lot of money but well wroth it, when i no longer need the navetta sell it on same with the car seat, get some money back from it, but you cant do that with 3 in 1's carry cot you would have to save it till no longer needed the seat unit either, as you only get one hood for both seat unit and carry cot and i dont think you could sell a carrry cot with out a hood.

sorry for going on but i love m&p subjet sad i know got it do something when tock in with the children that my reson any way

hope this helps, fell free to ask anything

DaddyCool Fri 12-Sep-03 12:42:52

Primo Viaggio, absolutely brilliant. I own a Fiat Seicento. This car is about the size of a coke can and my M&P fits beautifully in it.

Also, the whole intregrated click on click off function of the M&P stuff is extremely handy, especially when trying to faff around with it in the limited space of a small car.

I can fit all this stuff in my tiny car so you are bound to be able to in a 206.

nicm Sat 13-Sep-03 22:03:16


i have a 206 and don't know about the car seat but there isn't much space for the prams. i have to take the parcel shelf off the back to fit most in prams. have used a cosatto 3 in 1, a graco, kiwi explorer. the only 2 that have fitted in were a maclaren buggy and a m& p pilko. (i'm a childminder). the car seats i have been given by parents that fit are a graco carrier and a jane (not sure of the name but it can lie flat and sit upright). both fit and a bonus is that you can switch the airbag off to put the baby seat in the front. hope this helps.

mieow Sat 13-Sep-03 23:17:29

I fit my tandam three wheeler into my 206. I have a 4 yr old 206 LX and I believe its slightly smaller than the newer ones. I am also learning to drive (its very scary stuff!!!) have just passed my theory test and now have to put in for my that is VERY VERY scary.!!!
I love my 206!!

mieow Sat 13-Sep-03 23:19:31

And Misdee........ stop dreaming!!!!! And NO I will not sell my to you

misdee Sat 13-Sep-03 23:32:21

who cares if u sell it to me, i'll just steal it......

mieow Sun 14-Sep-03 08:28:07

When?? I'll make sure its locked away

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