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Reins - advise on how to get ds' used to them!

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Paula71 Wed 10-Sep-03 20:44:50

Please! Wasn't sure where to post this...

I bought reins as ds twins tend to go in opposite directions when we are out and about. However they tend to bring some strange reactions from some people who think I am treating my children (20 months old, very fast) like animals. (So I can put a dog on a lead to keep it from harm but not my child?)

Anyway, their favourite game is to lift legs and swing, nearly pulling my arms out their sockets! So, for those who use them, how did you get your little one used to them?

Claireandrich Wed 10-Sep-03 21:06:17

First of all, ignore people commenting on the 'treating them like animals' scenario. You are trying to keep your children safe and reins do that well. I always use reins with DD (17mo) as she loves to walk about. Thereins give her freedom to do so. However, I still have control so if she tries to wander off, or go on the road, or (even worse) someone tries to grab her I can stop it from happening.

I am sorry I can't help on the other matter of getting them used to it. DD was walking about loads when so tiny that we used reins very early on (we live right in the city centre so for safety) so she got used to them from the start. I guess just perseverance is the key. And, if they play up make them go back in the pushchair 'till they get the idea.

janh Wed 10-Sep-03 23:34:44

Exercises with weights will help your arms, Paula... but your darlings will probably give up the swinging after a while and concentrate on getting about. As Claire says, ignore the animal comments.

(Do they both do it at the same time btw? I think if it was me I'd fall over!)

judetheobscure Wed 10-Sep-03 23:42:07

I found my ds *wanted* to walk. So if he started swinging on the reins I would pick him up and carry him - he quickly learnt if he wanted to walk then he mustn't swing. This will obviously be more difficult to do with your twins. However, do persevere .... I have a friend with twins who gives me nightmares every time she comes to visit as when she leaves her two charge off down to the busy main road I live on and she goes haring off after them. I dread to think what would happen if she tripped up and didn't manage to catch up with them.

Paula71 Fri 12-Sep-03 21:20:01

janh yes they do both do it at the same time! I think I will try picking them up every time they do it until they get fed up. Good ideas folks and I am glad I am not the only one using them (I was beginning to feel like a freak!)

Your friend with the twins will need to watch Jude as the reason that cemented my will to use reins was my cousins toddler running across Argyll St in Glasgow! (Kind of like theOxford St of Glasgow, tons of heavy traffic.) This was some time ago but while I was horrified at the thought they thought it was quite funny.


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