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little tikes car mountain

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codswallop Wed 10-Sep-03 11:40:17

I got one of these from a friend snd snother psl is interested in it but they dont seem to make them any more - is this what they are called? the green mountain thing.

codswallop Wed 10-Sep-03 11:42:05

this should say "and another pal"

LIZS Wed 10-Sep-03 11:52:25

I think its a Little Tikes Peak Road and Rail set. Can't get the link to work but have them for £26.99. Argos used to do it but not in latest catalogue.

ds played with it on holiday and our nephew loved his too.

codswallop Wed 10-Sep-03 13:43:03

yes thats kind of it but we have no track. It FANTASTIC for boys ages 1 - 3

great website have saved it on faves.TVM

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