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Has anyone used this ikea delivery service?

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Saker Thu 13-Oct-05 23:04:15

here . I wondered if it was legit and worked okay. Seems a bit too good to be true (we live about 1h away from the nearest IKEA).

skinnycow Thu 13-Oct-05 23:05:12

hmmm doubt it but worth ringing ikea to check. I used their delivery service but ordered it instore after purchasing my goodies

skinnycow Thu 13-Oct-05 23:06:58

Nominet web registration details

misdee Thu 13-Oct-05 23:07:57

ikea dont do online ordering. u go into store, pick your stuff pay for it and then arrange delivery.

FrightfullyPoshFloss Thu 13-Oct-05 23:10:48

Likewise I ordered mine instore. The delivery department of your local store will know if this is legit. Seems a bit odd. The delivery system in store was very efficient and not to expensive IIRC.

skinnycow Thu 13-Oct-05 23:11:36

website questions

2. Can I purchase IKEA products on the web?
Only Sweden, Denmark and Germany currently sell products online. In the future, the ambition is to roll out this e-commerce platform to additional countries including the UK when the right infrastructure is in place.
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Saker Thu 13-Oct-05 23:11:58

Gosh lots of quick replies! Thanks
Sorry yes, I know it's not IKEA that does it. It's an obvious business opportunity to take orders from people and deliver them, but it would be quite an easy way to run a scam so I wondered if anyone knew about it?

marthamoo Thu 13-Oct-05 23:12:23

That looks well dodgy to me ! It's not anything to do with Ikea is it?

Weatherwax Thu 13-Oct-05 23:12:35

There is a company in Brighton called (I think)Mike Ear. They collect and deliver Ikea furniture and put it up for their customers. According to the news its a booming busness and they are very good with the construction because they have assembled so many .

Saker Thu 13-Oct-05 23:13:05

But they have made the website look a bit like it is actually IKEA and that makes me suspicious also.

Weatherwax Thu 13-Oct-05 23:14:01

Mike Ear make it clear they are nothing to do with the company

Saker Thu 13-Oct-05 23:15:25

The Mike Ear service looks really good. Unfortunately doesn't cover our area.

Saker Fri 14-Oct-05 21:21:23

Look at this site . They are claiming that the site I was asking about is a scam! Not sure that their site looks much better. Think I had better stay well clear

teamzook Fri 27-Nov-15 20:45:52

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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